Men's No Tie Shoelaces

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A Good Buy

1/23/2019 by Suzanne

My husband has trouble managing shoe laces and these are making it so much easier for him! A great product; I hope they last.



9/9/2018 by Dennis

Make my shoes a slip on.


Best Invention Ever

7/27/2018 by Kirsten

These are great for my son with dysgraphia. Tying his shoes can be time consuming and difficult. These are super easy and look great!


Good, but expensive

7/25/2018 by Jennifer

Couldn't believe I spent almost $20 for a pair of shoelaces, but ultimately, my husband does like them.


Great for special needs nephew

7/25/2018 by Keri

My nephew is a teen with special needs and these are a great help. He no longer needs help getting his sneakers on and off.

It is extremely difficult tracking down men's sized athletic sneakers that don't need to be tied. We all love these because it allows us to buy him fashionable sneakers and just swap out the laces.

These were easy to lace in and are very durable. We no longer have to deal with those ridiculous toggles (ugly and uncomfortable) or stretchy laces that lose their elasticity almost immediately (which results in the kid's shoes falling off when he's running around).



7/25/2018 by Barbara

Extremely helpful when getting out the door! Because of an accident, tying shoelaces is impossible, so these laces are the best solution short of Velcro shoes (ugh!!!).


Lacees are great

7/25/2018 by Martha

My husband has trouble trying to tie his shoes. The laceez I bought for him have helped him tremendously. Thanks to whoever designed them!


Husband's Laces

6/26/2018 by Pamela

My husband loves the No Tie Shoelaces!


These are fantastic!

6/19/2018 by Auden

I tried Laceez after failing with another no-tie lace product. These are designed to be so simple. The are easy to lace into the show and the top clips hold the lace perfectly in place. I have a set on my work shoes and sneakers. They are pliant enough that shoes are easy to put on and take off, but at no time have I felt my shoes loose enough to slip off my feet. They feel secure. I do want to say that if you're lacing trail shoes with a lot of eyes (like Merrill MOABs), size up your lace by one size.


Sizing Completely Depends on the Specific Shoe

6/5/2018 by Tim

These are a great product, but the sizing can be a little tricky. You need to measure ahead of time how much lace you're going to need. I wear a 11.5 shoe, but for this specific pair of shoes, I ordered an XS Laceez, which is a completely perfect fit. Pay attention to the length in inches, and not so much the shoe sizes that they list.

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The Laceez Story

The trick for faster shoelace tying.

A Shoe-In

Swap in no tie shoe laces to transform any pair of laced shoes into pull-ons. Made with a stretchy Lycra and nylon blend, Laceez act and look like laces, but with a smooth finish—and no sloppy knots or dangling laces.

The idea for Laceez began with Jason and Sarah Flores trying to get three kids out the door in the morning. Tying all those little shoes was a hassle, so they created an alternative that works for just about anybody—frustrated parents like them, folks with dexterity issues, or people who just want an easier way to pull on their shoes (while still looking polished.)

We’re all
about things that make life easier. And Laceez make putting on shoes a breeze—while keeping the look streamlined and neat. Read More Read Less