Men's No Tie Shoelaces

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End fell off

7/17/2019 by Mary

Bought as a gift, end fell off a month later. Husband did like the product though. Going to try again....maybe just got a bad one.


We had to return for replacements

4/22/2019 by Janice

My husband has been using Laceez for a long time but we finally had to replace the pair he was using. Unfortunately, the new pair broke immediately after putting on his shoes. Return for replacement easy, fast and free!


Lace are short

2/14/2019 by Glen

Ordered for husband for his bowling shoes. Laces are short so he didn’t lace through last holes.


Nice product, but needs better sizing tips

3/10/2018 by Mike

I ordered a pair of the men's black Laceez in their size #3, which is their recommended size for men's shoe sizes 9 to 10.5 (I wear size 10 shoes). I ordered them for a pair of mid-height work boots. Size 3 is way too big. I think much more important than size is the number of eyelets on your shoes. My boots only have 4 eyelets on each side (total of 8 per shoe). So I'll try ordering the next size down - #2.

Suggestion to manuf: why not list other sizing tips, such as # eyelets per shoe, or length of existing/old laces to be replaced by Laceez. My old laces are about 42" long. There's probably a good correlation between eyelet count and traditional lace length.


Sizing information needed

6/26/2017 by Patricia

Great idea, but since I purchased them for men's dress shoes, as shown in one photo, I did not know what size to order and there was not enough explanation. I did receive a smaller sized item after returning, but that is also too large. I think the sizing should be measured by how many loopholes there are in the shoes.


should have better way to determine length.

5/3/2017 by james

too short.


Two laces, different sizes

8/27/2019 by Mary

I was very disappointed when I received these. One was way shorter than the other so they didn’t work at all. I will be sending them back. I was really hoping that these didn’t work for us.


not tight enough, need to get exact size

12/28/2017 by Robert

Not very good - not tight, and you need to get the exact right size or they do not work


too long

5/3/2017 by David

They were too long for my shoes


Immediately broke

8/6/2019 by Carolyn

I ordered a pair for my husband who hates tying his laces. He normally wears a size 9 1/2 to 10 shoe. So, I got him the men's 9-10 laces. He tried putting them on his size 10 shoe and they were so tight he couldn't get his foot in. So we tried lacing them a different way and one of the metal pieces just popped off. They are an interesting idea, but cheaply made and not worth the price. Plus the sizing seems completely incorrect. I would not recommend.

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The Laceez Story

The trick for faster shoelace tying.

A Shoe-In

Swap in no tie shoe laces to transform any pair of laced shoes into pull-ons. Made with a stretchy Lycra and nylon blend, Laceez act and look like laces, but with a smooth finish—and no sloppy knots or dangling laces.

The idea for Laceez began with Jason and Sarah Flores trying to get three kids out the door in the morning. Tying all those little shoes was a hassle, so they created an alternative that works for just about anybody—frustrated parents like them, folks with dexterity issues, or people who just want an easier way to pull on their shoes (while still looking polished.)

We’re all
about things that make life easier. And Laceez make putting on shoes a breeze—while keeping the look streamlined and neat. Read More Read Less