Women's No Tie Shoelaces

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No more frustration

8/5/2017 by Sara

I bought 2 of these. Women's medium for my low-top Converse (12 holes/size 8.5, same as red shoes in picture only I laced to the top) and a childs large for my New Balance running shoes (8 holes/size child's for the color to match the shoes, but a W-Small probably would have worked as well). Both fit perfectly. Sneaks stay on my feet without pinching or squeezing, yet super easy to put on shoes. They are very stretchy so makes slipping shoes on really easy, yet they hold their shape and make the shoes stay on my feet. Super comfortable. No more laces untying all the time. Wish they came in more colors.


Perfect laceez

7/13/2017 by Arly

Slip on shoes easily.Wish I ordered 2


Work great!

6/30/2017 by Phyllis

It took me a minute or two to catch on as to how lace these up but they work fine. I wantwd another pair and went up a side as my first pair were slightly tight. So nice not to have to tie these - and quicker! Wish the women's came in more colors.


You'll Never Trip on Your Laces Again!

6/26/2017 by Doris

Just placed a recent order for additional laces (ladies for me, men's for my adult son). We both love this product! Not only is there greater ease in putting on one's shoes, the laces allow your shoes to expand automatically if your feet have a tendency to swell, as mine often do in hot weather. They are also a great time saver, if you are getting ready to go somewhere in a hurry. I am more safety conscious in my advancing years and at 82, I don't need to be tripping over my shoelaces. Appreciate the convenience, the safety factor AND the fashion look! This is a great product!


These are heaven-sent!

6/15/2017 by LESLIE

I just purchased new sneakers and tried using different no tie laces that I had used in the past. For reasons unknown to me, they didn't seem to work as well. So I took a chance on these LACEEZ. I love them! I should've tried them earlier! They are shorter than I expected and next time will order the longer ones. But they are awesome! They make my sneakers look & feel amazing!


These laces are great

6/14/2017 by Donna

Makes your sneakers easy on easy off. Keeps them on your feet.


I gave these to my 45-year-old son...

6/8/2017 by Susan

(two pair) and he's happy and ordering more.


Time saver

5/30/2017 by karol

I know it doesn't sound like much of a time saver. How long does it take to tie a shoe, after all? But I am always in a hurry getting ready for work after the gym. These have been great. They fit well during my workouts (my shoes stay on just like when I tie my laces). Super fast and easy to slip my shoes on and get them off as I am racing to the shower! These were a good purchase, for sure!



5/30/2017 by Karla

I love them!! Easy to put in the shoes & then you can just slip your shoes on.



5/22/2017 by Glenda

So easy to put in your shoes and then you can just slip them on, no shoelaces to tie!

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The Laceez Story

The trick for faster shoelace tying.

A Shoe-In

Swap in no tie shoe laces to transform any pair of laced shoes into pull-ons. Made with a stretchy Lycra and nylon blend, Laceez act and look like laces, but with a smooth finish—and no sloppy knots or dangling laces.

The idea for Laceez began with Jason and Sarah Flores trying to get three kids out the door in the morning. Tying all those little shoes was a hassle, so they created an alternative that works for just about anybody—frustrated parents like them, folks with dexterity issues, or people who just want an easier way to pull on their shoes (while still looking polished.)

We’re all
about things that make life easier. And Laceez make putting on shoes a breeze—while keeping the look streamlined and neat. Read More Read Less