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Really a conversation piece.

3/10/2015 by Norman

Interesting depiction of our local lake. My only complaint is the receptacle for the pegs. Something better than a cork that could be accidentally broken or displaced, resulting in the loss of the pegs, must be available.


Nice but ...

12/18/2013 by Mary

I received this product awhile ago. Got it for my husband as a gift for Christmas. I took it out of the fed ex box and the cork seems to have been dried out and is broken off in the hole for the pegs. Any suggestions on what to do? I thought about getting another cork, but this could happen again ..I fear.

{The Grommet response - someone from our team will be in touch.}


Unique and High Quality

10/22/2013 by kelly

I bought this for my husband who loved a wooden carved cribbage board table he saw at a friends home. I couldn't find (or afford) a carved table but since we live on a lake it was a great compromise! He loves it, now I need to learn how to play.
The markings are clear and easy to read. The only thing I would note - almost as a suggestion to the manufacturer is that the "plug" for the game pieces would be better off on the top of the board so that it can be placed on a shelf for display when not in use (which is hat i intended to do with it) but since the plug is on the bottom it doesn't sit flat, we are trying to find another way to hang it on the wall. Overall, a very nice product.


good, could be better

3/10/2020 by George

Hole for pegs drilled off center and not deep enough to easily accommodate the pegs without fussing. Cork closure should be something less intrusive (spring steel cover?) that wont break off. Board is made from 2 different shades of wood (biscuit joined?) so the laser etching is visually inconsistent. Offer a stain and finish option. I used a natural oil rub and it vastly improved the look. Board is very thin and does not have the substantial feel you would expect.


Wish it was finished

2/13/2019 by Valerie

So I was super excited when I ordered this for my dad, and a bit disappointed when it arrived. It was just raw wood, not sanded or finished or anything. For the price I expected a more 'finished' appearing product. The lake I chose had virtually no markings (not at all like the example in the photo), however there is a disclaimer in the listing that says some lakes don't have as much detail. It was a neat give, just wish it had been executed a bit more thoroughly.


Birthplace of America-Home of Big Ole and the Kensington Runestone

10/2/2016 by Jan

Makes a great gift for someone who grew up on this, my favorite, lake on " the Chain".


Cannot Play A Game

11/15/2016 by Brian

Nice Board, came fast. Now I have to go out and buy the pieces for the game???? You should clearly state it or just include the game pieces.



5/15/2014 by Joe

You should put the cork in the top, not in the bottom; I'd love to display this (after I finish it) on a shelf, but with the cork in the bottom I can't

Also, note the statistics shown in the picture for Lake Huron of area and deepest point are NOT available for every geography, and since there aren't any image proofs, you won't know until the product shows up at your door



5/13/2014 by Joe

The image chosen for engraving on the board i gave as a gift (Duxbury / Kingston / Plymouth) focuses too much on the deep water off shore and not the actual harbors mentioned.

We were surprised that this is unfinished. "Heirloom quality"?? Not until I laquer it, which means I need to plug every hole.

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