Lake Art

Wall Art - 14" x 18"

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Lovely Wood Map

10/22/2020 by Linda

We ordered a lake map as a gift and it turned out perfect. It isn't a large public lake so we couldn't see what it would look like until we got it but were extremely pleased with the workmanship and details.


Amazing gift idea

10/22/2020 by Clinton

It took a while to get it but it was well worth the wait, order well in advance if it’s a gift. Excellent craftsmanship that will bring depth to any room. I highly recommend. I will be purchasing another one soon.


Gorgeous map of our lake

10/20/2020 by Bonnie

The lake we choose is where we grew up with many memories! We so enjoy having it as a memory of our old home in our new house. Priceless. Made well, with all the details of roads and depths of the lake. I highly recommend!


Simply beautiful craftsmanship.

10/20/2020 by Yvonne

I had this made of my grandfather's lake where I spent many summers. It is very nice. A beautiful reminder and keepsake for our family.


Absolutely beautiful

10/19/2020 by Holly

Love my custom 3D wood map! It is very well made and came securely packaged to ensure in-tact arrival. It will be the perfect addition to our cottage. I intend to order another for our home.


Better Than Expected

9/18/2020 by Reno

Our favorite vacation each year is to this lake. This year we couldn’t go because of COVID. So this was the next best thing to being there. This is truly a unique, one of a kind gift that instantly became a family heirloom. Great craftsmanship, and beautifully done. Highly recommend.


Great product

8/15/2020 by Renee

Very well made! Beautiful! I can’t wait to give it to my husband for Christmas!!


Absolutely perfect!

8/3/2020 by Kristina

Beautiful! Better than I thought it would be. Perfect for our cabin, got it just in time for our anniversary as my gift to my husband. Thank you for this gorgeous art work.


Perfect engagement/housewarming gift

7/21/2020 by Holly

Just got this glowing note from my soon-to-be sister-in-law:

The gift just came in and it's absolutely PERFECT!! We LOVE it!! Thank you so so much <3 We plan on getting married out at camp too, so it's very suiting :D Once we find the best spot to hang it, I'll send a photo!! It's hard cause I want it everywhere, haha! Thanks again for the beautiful gift! We love and miss you and the gang!

Thank you, Grommet!!


Most fabulous wood map ever!

7/20/2020 by Bonnie

This gorgeous wood map was so very easy to order and it turned out perfect! I really love it.

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The Lake Art Story

Lake Art | The Grommet

Great lakes

These maps aren’t just made for navigating. They are custom-made for commemorating that special lake in your life.

The perfect keepsake for decorating your home, cabin, or cottage, Lake Art wooden wall maps feature intricate details of more than 4,000 lakes including shorelines, two colors, and up to eight depth dimensions. Who would’ve thought bathymetry (the study of the depths and shapes of underwater terrain) could be so beautiful.

The laser-cut maps also depict surrounding towns and major roads giving your lake a sense of place and belonging. Each piece is handcrafted from scratch and
made to order in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Lake Art leaves no lake unfinished—the framing is exquisite. And your lake can even be turned into a cribbage board. Read More Read Less