Anti-Tangle Necklace Organizer

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The Lasso Story

Lasso | Anti-Tangle Necklace Organizer

Go Tangle-Free

Lasso Jewelry’s so-smart holder makes it a cinch to take tangle-free jewelry on the go. And it’s no wonder founder Colleen Chinlund devised the idea on a plane trip.

Lasso keeps your jewelry—and your sanity—intact with a clever lock-and-wrap system. By securing the pendant and clasp in the end caps and wrapping the chain around the barrel, necklaces stay securely put. Made in Illinois with shatterproof Tritan™ plastic, Lasso is a durable protector for your delicate baubles. There’s space for two to three necklaces wrapped around it and small earrings and rings can tuck away inside the barrel.
The tool is also a handy solution to keep charging cables and headphones tidy. Read More Read Less