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This makeup bag is genius

10/23/2016 by DaAnne

I travel frequently and I love that all my makeup is corralled neatly. Most importantly, I protect our marble countertop because all my makeup stays inside the Lay-n-Go Cosmo.


Great customer service and product ❤️

10/20/2016 by Deborah Chase

Thank you for selling products that are imaginative and useful. I love this product !!!
I have no counter space so I put a big tray over the sink and that is my counter space. I can open this makeup bag fully and easily find what I need .


Nice and easy!

10/17/2016 by Darcy

Love this! I used to have to empty a make-up bag onto my counter. Now I can just leave everything in here and close it up when I'm done! I haven't even travelled with it yet.


Great Idea

10/10/2016 by Sara

This makeup bag worked perfectly for me on a recent cruise. In a tiny bathroom, Lay-n-Go stayed put next to the sink and held everything together. It's lightweight and easy to carry in my backpack during travel.


Love this product!

10/8/2016 by Carey S.

I bought one of these several months ago to use when traveling. I liked it so much that I purchased two more of them to have on-hand during the holidays in case I need an unexpected gift or a hostess gift. This is a well-made product that has become my favorite makeup case. I highly recommend it. I purchased the larger size; I'm not sure about the smaller size, as I haven't used it.


My new best Friend!

10/8/2016 by Lynda

Love this, wasn't sure when I first received it but used it on my trip from LA to Sydney and now it's my everyday makeup bag. So easy to use and you can see everything at a glance then just close it up. Easy to clean and just great!
I'm so glad I bought it and the mini one for my handbag. Just love Grommet!


My 2nd purchase

10/8/2016 by Linda

Love this.Works great. I use for travel but it would be good for at home as well.


Great Product

10/8/2016 by Virginia

It's perfect to use at home, as well as for travel.


Great Cosmetic Bag

10/8/2016 by Becky

This bag is SO convenient and really easy to use!


Great little bag!

10/5/2016 by Jane

Traveled last week to Las Vegas and packed this makeup case. It traveled well, protected small jewelry items and my makeup. Very useful in the hotel bathroom, keeping articles together. Only one thing I noticed: Articles will not stand up on the "tray", i.e. mascara, spray, etc. Everything needs to lay down. This is the only unexpected occurrence, otherwise it will definitely travel with me again and again.

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The Lay-n-Go Cosmo Story

Lay-n-Go - Makeup Case

Cosmetics Corral

What do lipstick and Legos have in common? Enough to inspire Amy Fazackerley, designer of the Lay-n-Go activity mat. Her first invention is a play surface for Legos, mini cars, and other toys with lots of small pieces. A drawstring around the perimeter transforms the flat mat into a soft-sided carryall, and Amy realized the same idea could work for cosmetics.

Dubbed the COSMO, Amy’s latest creation is a 20-inch round cosmetics mat that converts into a travel-ready clutch. When the drawstring is undone, you’ve got a clean, contained surface to spread out your makeup. A raised edge keeps
lipstick from rolling off the counter or falling into a wet sink, and a zippered pocket provides a discreet place to stash feminine products or jewelry. When you’re ready to repack your makeup, simply pull the drawstring tight and cinch it with the cord lock to create a soft, sealed storage clutch.

The COSMO is a breeze to clean, thanks to its quilted polyester shell and water-repellent nylon liner. You can wipe it with a wet cloth or toss it in the washing machine. If you’re headed out of town, the soft-sided design makes it easy to stow in a suitcase or carry-on bag. COSMO is a smart, convenient solution for corralling cosmetics. When you’re on the go, it’s ready in a clutch.
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