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Great bag

12/31/2017 by Michelle

I ordered three of these. My 2 best girlfriends and I are going to Mexico for “girls trip” no kids or hubbys and thought this was perfect to travel our cosmetics.



12/30/2017 by Cheryl

Love this item! I am using it on vacation now and it is really awesome!


Bought as a gift

12/29/2017 by carmen

I have one that I use for traveling as find it very convenient to lay my stuff out flat rather than digging through a make up bag. Bought a second one for my sister.


Excellent bag!

12/9/2017 by Maryellen

I love this bag! I originally bought it to use for travel. Such a great idea to have everything in one bag that you can just lay on the counter and take out and put back. Such a space saver. Well after returning from a trip, I thought what’s the point of emptying it? It serves the same purpose at home. It saves space and all my cosmetics are together in one place. This is a great bag!


Simply the Best

11/22/2017 by Iris

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo is the best cosmetic case anyone could have. It is Perfect for travel, but I also use it every day at home. If you are looking for a cosmetic case, look no more. This one is for you.



10/27/2017 by Lucy

This is great way to travel with cosmetics as well as for using at home. My mistake was in buying the large one. The smaller one would have served me better.


Can hardly 'contain' myself!

10/13/2017 by Margi

I had ordered the smaller one before and it was, unfortunately, too small for my needs, but I could see where someone that has less 'stuff' would find it worked great for them. THIS one, I should've bitten the bullet and just ordered the first time. It's a bit pricy, but it really does hold all my stuff AND it keeps the area I'm working on clean. I use this whenever we travel and it is nice not to worry that I'm leaving a mess on someone's table. If you travel, you really do want one of these!


Infinitely adjustable and Time Saver!

10/10/2017 by SueAnn

This little bag is a joy. Make it flat, or adjust the lip height with the cord.


great travel tool

9/25/2017 by Una Mae

I bought this and liked it so much I gave one to each of my 3 daughters....and have given it to several of my friends. It is the best travel accessory I have ever bought. I cant recommend it highly enough....especially for those bathrooms that do not have enough counter space. These work easily on side of sink.


No fuss time saver!

9/22/2017 by SueAnn

I love this bag! I put my traveling squad of products in it right when I received it and there they will stay. No ditzing around with the zippers and/or compartments of other travel bags. No loading or unloading products. If you are ousted from the hotel bathroom mid-makeup-application, just cinch it up and lay it out again elsewhere. Brilliant.

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The Lay-n-Go Cosmo Story

Lay-n-Go - Makeup Case

Cosmetics Corral

What do lipstick and Legos have in common? Enough to inspire Amy Fazackerley, designer of the Lay-n-Go activity mat. Her first invention is a play surface for Legos, mini cars, and other toys with lots of small pieces. A drawstring around the perimeter transforms the flat mat into a soft-sided carryall, and Amy realized the same idea could work for cosmetics.

Dubbed the COSMO, Amy’s latest creation is a 20-inch round cosmetics mat that converts into a travel-ready clutch. When the drawstring is undone, you’ve got a clean, contained surface to spread out your makeup. A raised edge keeps
lipstick from rolling off the counter or falling into a wet sink, and a zippered pocket provides a discreet place to stash feminine products or jewelry. When you’re ready to repack your makeup, simply pull the drawstring tight and cinch it with the cord lock to create a soft, sealed storage clutch.

The COSMO is a breeze to clean, thanks to its quilted polyester shell and water-repellent nylon liner. You can wipe it with a wet cloth or toss it in the washing machine. If you’re headed out of town, the soft-sided design makes it easy to stow in a suitcase or carry-on bag. COSMO is a smart, convenient solution for corralling cosmetics. When you’re on the go, it’s ready in a clutch.
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