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Lay-n-Go Cosmo

5/5/2017 by Wendy

This case has cut my time in half ! I am able to find all my cosmetics quickly, they are no longer being pulled out of my small case to fall on the floor. Glad I made the purchase.


Well made great product but not an original idea.

5/5/2017 by Susan

Great product, well made, will use everyday.
Not original idea. Bought the same thing but inferior at Walmart.


My Wife Loves This Product

5/3/2017 by Dick C.

This case has worked really well for my wife on the trips we've taken. I highly recommend it.


Great idea

5/3/2017 by Linda

Love this bag. Keeps me organized.



5/3/2017 by Mary

I purchased this for my Daughter, as she travels quite a bit. She told me that she loves this make-up case. It holds a lot of items and is easy to cinch and go. Would highly recommend those to those on the fence.


travel solution

5/3/2017 by carmen

I bought the pink version and have taken it on two trips so far. Been happy with the amount of product it holds and the way it keeps everything contained. The picture is misleading as it appears the cinch bag would also go into another bag as added protection during travel - but it won't fit in there once you have it filled with make up. So far it seems to stay cinched tightly enough to keep everything contained during transport. I'd like the product more if the bag would also have one additional layer of protection by slipping into the sack it comes in - but still like the purchase and it has solved a problem. Make up is easier to find than digging through a typical clutch type bag.


Makeup tray in a bag

5/3/2017 by Jean

Very handy and neat cosmetic case, I can't wait until my next trip so I can use it!



4/29/2017 by Jennifer T

I wasn't sure about this but it is Awesome. I must get if you ever travel.


Great for cosmetics!

4/9/2017 by Angela

Excellent for travel and for home. I will be purchasing more of this item, probably the smaller version.


Travel? I use it at home!

4/9/2017 by barbara

I like to spread my make-up out on the sink counter at home, and - because I'm always rushing in the morning - I would often end up leaving some of it out. Since I'm always after my family to pick up after themselves and leave the bathroom ready for the next person, the Lay-n-Go helps me walk the talk!

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The Lay-n-Go Cosmo Story

Lay-n-Go - Makeup Case

Cosmetics Corral

What do lipstick and Legos have in common? Enough to inspire Amy Fazackerley, designer of the Lay-n-Go activity mat. Her first invention is a play surface for Legos, mini cars, and other toys with lots of small pieces. A drawstring around the perimeter transforms the flat mat into a soft-sided carryall, and Amy realized the same idea could work for cosmetics.

Dubbed the COSMO, Amy’s latest creation is a 20-inch round cosmetics mat that converts into a travel-ready clutch. When the drawstring is undone, you’ve got a clean, contained surface to spread out your makeup. A raised edge keeps
lipstick from rolling off the counter or falling into a wet sink, and a zippered pocket provides a discreet place to stash feminine products or jewelry. When you’re ready to repack your makeup, simply pull the drawstring tight and cinch it with the cord lock to create a soft, sealed storage clutch.

The COSMO is a breeze to clean, thanks to its quilted polyester shell and water-repellent nylon liner. You can wipe it with a wet cloth or toss it in the washing machine. If you’re headed out of town, the soft-sided design makes it easy to stow in a suitcase or carry-on bag. COSMO is a smart, convenient solution for corralling cosmetics. When you’re on the go, it’s ready in a clutch.
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