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20" Double-Headed Dog Tug Sample

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My Miniature Schnauzer, Jack loves these toys

5/2/2017 by Elizabeth Bolen

These toys (I have both the double headed dog tug toys - the ducks and the monkeys, as well as the frog ball) and each toy have been perfectly made and they are ALL WOOL throughout and therefore non-toxic. Jacks motto is: "I never met a toy I didn't bite" and these toys stand up to the pressure. They may get a little frazzled after all the play but they stand up very well and I don't worry if he eats an antenna now and then. I recommend these highly - I wish there were even more designs to choose from.


Buy this toy!

2/4/2017 by linda

I have a yellow lab and a golden retriever who play together. They have demolished many a toy. Their double headed toy still looks brand new after over a month of play!!


A real winner

12/26/2016 by Kay

My daughter's beagle puppy just has spent several days totally engrossed with this toy. The best Christmas present!


Dog loves his new toy.

10/28/2016 by Laura D.

Mikey began pulling on the tug immediately.It is a fun toy, and holds up to the tough conditions.


Great laughs but heads did not survive

7/31/2020 by Karen

Watching the dog carry this around and play was great fun. I thought he would rip it to shreds quickly, but it has lasted... except the heads. He was able to rip open the heads and pull the stuffing out. Now he can only play with it under direct supervision.


gone in a day

4/16/2018 by Patricia

Dog destroyed within one day!!!!!!!


Don't know what to say

11/11/2016 by Kaye

Our dog chewed the hair and most of the face off of one end of the toy. She still likes to play with it so we let her keep it. It's tough but probably won't lat long at our house.


Not for a heavy chewer

2/27/2019 by Stephanie

The head was ripped apart within minutes. If you have a dog that likes to chew or shred things, this is not the toy for you. It is really cute though...

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The Le Sharma Trading Story

Help your pet support Fair Trade.

Felt Pet Toys

Not only are these natural toys fun for your pet, they’ll make you feel good, too. Each one is made by women in Nepal for fair wages, providing jobs that change their lives.

Based in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal, Le Sharma Trading gives locals steady jobs and safe work conditions. This benefits their families, too, helping send their kids to school.

Handcrafted and sustainably sourced, each toy is made from felt wool that’s all-natural and safe for pets. Besides working out their jaws, the tug toys and balls help clean dogs’ teeth. And the cat caves regulate temperature season to season,
providing a soft, cozy shelter year-round.

Each toy is biodegradable, too. So while you’re helping far-away families, you can also feel good about protecting the planet.
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