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great gadget

11/5/2019 by Victoria

Since all computers these days are housed in black, I need something to light the way for plugging into them This light is perfect--takes up very little room and shines very brightly.


Gift for birthdays!.

6/20/2017 by Marion

The lite is a great gift everyone I've given it to love it!


Light Up Your Life!

4/18/2017 by Laurie

We have two SwivelPros (my husband’s a pilot, he keeps them in his flight bag), two LED Combo Lights (one in each of our vehicles), and two SwivelClips that we take with us on walks each evening.

We just purchased two more LED Combo Lights and two SwivelClips for our son and daughter-in-law.

Do we LOVE SmartFlare products? You betcha!


how did i do with out this work light?

1/16/2017 by Randy

well engineered and very versatile.
great at home or on the job,great for camping too!


Led lights for your car or house!

1/14/2017 by Marion

I bought about 8 of this led lights for Christmas gifts and they went over very big as a great light for your car! Got one for my car also!


Awesome small light

1/13/2017 by Karen

Thought this was a good light to have in the car when on the road. Bought several extra for family Christmas gifts.


High Visibility

1/13/2017 by Laurie

We turn the SmartFlare on flash mode and then hang it from the back of the wheeled dog cart we pull behind our bicycles for greater visibility.


Excellent multi purpose flashlight and flare

9/7/2016 by John

I took this flashlight camping for a week in August 2016 and we clipped it to the hook on the ceiling of our screen room. Just this small flashlight provided very good light, covering the whole 10' x 10' screen room. Supper was cooked by this light alone several nights while we camped.

It is also magnetic, so you can adhere it to places where the hook wouldn't work. It flashes red too and can be set upright to use as an emergency road flare if your car were to ever break down at night. I found this flashlight and flare to be very useful and versatile

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The SmartFlare Story

This LED is ready to rescue you.

Emergency LEDs

Getting caught in the dark can be both a nuisance and a hazard. But with LED safety lights at the ready, you’ll be prepared to light up any situation.

The durably built lights from SmartFlare are designed to lend a hand at home, on the road, or outdoors. Shine the versatile lights in any direction (or all directions at once), so you’ll have ultra-bright LED wherever you need it. They’re magnetic, which lets them stick to metal surfaces like your car or fridge. Silicone bumpers help protect against scratches and dings, too. And the battery-powered bulbs, which last for up to a day on a charge,
function as a flashlight, lantern, or flashing roadside flare.

For hiking, camping, or just working on projects, the pocket-sized Swivel Light is great to keep on-hand. The Multi-Use light is a bit larger, but it’s still compact enough to stash in the car or a backpack.

Whether on the road or during a power outage at home, these smart lights make it easy to stay safe.
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