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Great lightweight and Strong

8/8/2016 by Kathleen

I have used this backpack to take to the doggie park, and it fits a towel, a couple of water bottles, my wallet, keys, a snack or two. I love how it folds up into the little pouch. I'm very happy with this purchase!


MVP of any Trip

7/12/2016 by Maggie

This bag is so easy to fit into my purse or luggage. It was perfect for day trips during my latest vacation.It is also perfect to small trips to the grocery store and much easier to carry than reusable bags.


Great lightweight backpack

6/30/2016 by Brenda

We took this on a Mediterranean cruise and it was perfect for packing light things in (jacket, sunglasses, waterbottle) for shore excursions and it packed into a tiny space when we didn't need it.


Great Backpack

6/20/2016 by Marvin

Super backpack when day doing days trips with grand kids.
You can start with nothing or the minimum stuff to step out the door and add stuff as you collect during the day. Biggest advantage to the backpack is no extra structure that adds weight.


Perfect for Travel

5/31/2016 by Patti

I used this all over Europe. I tucked it in my jacket pocket at the start of the day. When it was warm enough to remove the jacket I opened the backpack and stuffed my jacket inside. It was surprisingly sturdy and was a great way to carry purchases, too, leaving my hands free to take photos.


Life Saving!

5/28/2016 by Emily

I live in the mountainous desert and go hiking in bathrobes with oversized pockets so as to be able to fit my camera, chapstick, toilet paper and other trinkets, with plenty of room left over for rock collecting. I bought this thinking it would easily fit in my pocket, and strong as it professed to be, I was hoping to be able to increase the amount of rocks I could collect.

But before the backpack even got here, I busted my foot and have now been on crutches for 4 months, meaning no hiking or rock collecting for me!

It had been a while since I'd been on crutches and I'd forgotten how helpless you can be without the use of your arms! My castle is built into the mountainside on the natural grade, so there are series of steps to every room, meaning the wheelie chair I scoot around in during the day in the large main room won't get me to any of the bathrooms for which I need the crutches.

I'm constantly having to lug stuff around, and if not for this amazing little backpack always filled with heavy books and water bottles, usually stuffed to the brim, I'd be completely screwed!

Thank you, little backpack; I love you!


Best. Backpack ever!

5/26/2016 by Lucy

I love this backpack. It is so light, so strong and yet so small when it has to be.


Terrific backpack!!

5/26/2016 by Janet

I used this backpack while traveling overseas. I did not want or need to carry a lot of items around and certainly did not want to carry a purse. I put a few essentials in it and almost forgot I had it on. Love it!!


Perfect for Day Hiking!

4/1/2016 by Carol

I have been looking for a lightweight backpack with comfortable shoulder straps, (not strings). This backpack is awesome! My husband couldn't believe how light it was, even with 4 water bottles in it.


Great product!

3/28/2016 by Marianne

I was packing very efficiently for a short trip to Jamaica and needed something like this for pool and beach excursions. It was great! It held everything I needed to carry and sand didn't cling to it like crazy. Highly recommend it!

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The Lewis N. Clark Story

We call this bag "the lightweight champ."

Compact Bags

Made of durable silnylon, ElectroLight bags weigh in at just under three ounces and are made to last. These collapsible backpacks and duffels are not only compact, they’re durable and well-constructed, too.

Available in bright, sporty colors, Lewis N. Clark makes the bags resistant to water and stains. When you’re not using them, they scrunch into compact pouches for easy travel and storage.

The ElectroLight Backpack is equipped with non-slip, adjustable straps—convenient for students and backpackers as well as travelers. Because it’s so light, you don’t have to worry about carrying the extra
weight of a bag. The duffel also has a non-slip strap and is ideal for travel and going to the gym.

A minimalist ElectroLight backpack or duffel is a travel essential. Pull it out of the pouch or pack it in your luggage—these bags are always ready for an adventure.
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