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Healing Honey Stick Case of 12

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7/26/2016 by Hansina

Mild scent, easy to use, not greasy and great on the pesky summer rashes too.


It works!

7/13/2016 by Elizabeth

As a beekeeper, I am immediately drawn to bee products. This item is terrific! Shortly after I received the stick, I developed a patch of dermatitis. I applied the product and began to see healing within a few hours. A couple of days later, using roughly three times per day and the rash is gone. Would cortisone have worked? Probably, but why use it if you have a natural alternative?



7/12/2016 by Starlady

The Healing Honey Stick is amazing. I used it on mild abrasions & in one day they were gone.


honey stick

7/6/2016 by sherri

I love this! I put it on rashes etc...and it makes it go away! I even purchased it again!


A True Lifesaver!!!!!

7/5/2016 by Tina

I took a chance and ordered the Healing Honey Stick for my 6 yr. old granddaughter's eczema. She has terrible outbreaks constantly and we've tried everything from over the counter remedies to high dollar prescription creams and they either leave her skin feeling like leather or destroy the pigments in her delicate skin fading it to a milky white while the rest of her is her normal slightly tan color. Received the Healing Honey Stick in the mail and started using it several times a day to start with and within a week the worst spots of her eczema were almost gone, I'm talking about the big patches that were at the point of cracking and almost bleeding they had gotten so bad because nothing else was working.

Thank you Healing Honey Stick, we will be keeping this product on hand AT ALL TIMES because IT TRULY WORKS! I now have a happy, healthy little granddaughter with no eczema patches and if they do start to pop up we simply use a little bit of Honey Stick and they're gone overnight! What a blessing!


Exceptional product

7/2/2016 by Dea

A fabulous product. Smooth and creamy product that leaves your skin and lips soft and smooth. I will definitely buy again


Love it! Super healing stick

6/30/2016 by Ann

I use the stick everyday. I've given it to my nephew who has eczema and it takes the itching and redness away. He loves it and will only use this to heal his skin.


this is great stuff on burns and cuts

6/28/2016 by Deb

I have used this on burns and cuts and even used it on my dog for scratches he gets playing in the grass. They don't have that on the list but it is all natural and helps both of us heal well


Very Natural!

6/23/2016 by Donna

My daughter is into all kinds of natural stuff so I thought she would really like this for her birthday. She likes to say I give the best unique gifts. I keep telling her I find the best stuff on The Grommet! I keep saying, check out the website - it is awesome!!!


Works great!

6/21/2016 by Kim

This really works good for healing extremely dry winter skin.

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The Life Elements Story

Bee good.

Bee Benefits

Sure, honey is good for you. But a beehive makes a lot more than honey, and all those other hive elements are as healthy for you as for the bees. Life Elements knows that, so they packed their healing honey skin care full of all-natural, bee-derived goodness.

Their balm combines raw, unfiltered honey, moisture-rich beeswax, bee pollen, and even propolis—the resin that the bees gather as they brush against leaf buds or tree bark—which is rich in antibacterial agents. They add royal jelly, too—the nutrient-rich food bees feed to their offspring—for its amino acids, minerals, B-vitamins, and

Beekeepers Martha and Curt Van Inwegen harvest their buzzworthy ingredients from American-born and -bred bees. Olive oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, and essential oils round out their all-natural formula.

Roll some on chapped lips, dry hands, or rough heels. Or use it to calm minor cuts or burns. You can even apply it to pets’ paws, or use it on diaper rash.

Get the healthy benefits of the entire hive with a just a few swipes.
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