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Honey don't

2/15/2019 by Sheila

I was super excited when I found this Healing Honey Stick, however, when I received it - it had a LOT of unwanted ingredients in it. I was looking for something less chemically and more mother nature-y. Good idea, this just wasn't for me.


Don't love it.

12/19/2018 by Diane

I suppose it works but I dislike the fragrance and it doesn't absorb into the skin.


It’s OK

9/18/2018 by Phillip

I think the healing honey stick is OK but I haven’t found it to be particularly amazing. The basic act of massaging it in feels nice, but I’m not finding any residual effect after using it for several days.


not as expected

7/14/2018 by GAYLE

Helps some with dry skin but does not alleviate itching.



11/10/2017 by SHARON

This healing stick is really greasy, and doesn't absorb readily. i don't find it to be "healing" in the least. Don't waste your money.


Very handy.

7/20/2020 by Regina

It work great and smells good!


Waste of money

5/23/2020 by Gale

Didn't do anything for my skin problems.


Allergic Reaction

2/27/2020 by Merry J

Warning causes allergic reaction-redness, swelling, burning.



2/2/2020 by Barb

It stinks soooo bad! Where I did use it, I couldn’t wash it off quick enough!1


Very bad smell

12/15/2019 by Teresa

I have problems with dryness and bruising on my hands so I was very excited about this product. It didn’t do what it claimed and it smelled very bad. I like honey products but this one failed miserably!

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The Life Elements Story

Bee good.

Bee Benefits

Sure, honey is good for you. But a beehive makes a lot more than honey, and all those other hive elements are as healthy for you as for the bees. Life Elements knows that, so they packed their healing honey skin care full of all-natural, bee-derived goodness.

Their balm combines raw, unfiltered honey, moisture-rich beeswax, bee pollen, and even propolis—the resin that the bees gather as they brush against leaf buds or tree bark—which is rich in antibacterial agents. They add royal jelly, too—the nutrient-rich food bees feed to their offspring—for its amino acids, minerals, B-vitamins, and

Beekeepers Martha and Curt Van Inwegen harvest their buzzworthy ingredients from American-born and -bred bees. Olive oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, and essential oils round out their all-natural formula.

Roll some on chapped lips, dry hands, or rough heels. Or use it to calm minor cuts or burns. You can even apply it to pets’ paws, or use it on diaper rash.

Get the healthy benefits of the entire hive with a just a few swipes.
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