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Healing Honey Stick Case of 12

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Resolved my problem

9/29/2019 by Melissa

Very effective in resolving 2 small areas of eczema.


Superior Product

9/24/2019 by JoAnnee

I purchased 2 of the Healing Honey Sticks and I must say this product works far better than the typical antibiotic ointment.

Thanks Grommet you've done it again! j


foot-crack healer

9/23/2019 by Lawrence

Healing stick seems to help the cracks on the heels of my feet. I've been using it for a week or so and the cracks are subsiding.


Excellent product

9/6/2019 by melissa

The Healing Honey Stick is amazing! I have itchy skin this time of year. I have tried everything with little success. This works!!! Ahhhhh sweet relief.



8/16/2019 by Peg

this is my apology to my skin for all that life dishes out. it calms my psoriasis without fear, unlike steroids



8/8/2019 by Janet

Love the honey stick and highly recommend to others!!


This stuff is great

7/21/2019 by Nana

Works everywhere!!! Any area of inflammation benefits from it. I gave some to a friend to help where she had radiation and she got relief where her skin was sore. My husband has psoriasis, and this helps with the dry, cracked scales. Works as well as steroids on skin rashes. I just love it.


stocking stuffer

7/15/2019 by Judy

I purchased a honey stick for myself as a whim because of very dry chapped skin which Eucerine cream wasn't curing. This stuff really works! I noticed the difference in less than 24 hours and soft skin returned in three days! I recently purchased three more for stocking stuffers for adult stockings. Planning ahead for Christmas.


Works well

7/7/2019 by Christian

The Healing Honey Stick works wonders. For insect bites it seems to calm itching as well as speed up healing. I tend to scratch bites until the skin is broken, resulting in scabbing that then seems to itch more ... off comes the scab, etc. and the cycle is hard to interrupt.


Better than Eucerine Cream for dry chapped skin.

6/29/2019 by Judy

Here in New Mexico we understand dry! Our humidity can go as low as 1%, 5% and under not uncommon. For folks of a certain age that means dry dry skin. I was applying Eucerine Cream three or more times per day with really no results. I found the Honey Stick and thought I'd give it a try. Weeks of suffering with dry skin gone completely in two or three days. noticeable relief in twelve hours!

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The Life Elements Story

Bee good.

Bee Benefits

Sure, honey is good for you. But a beehive makes a lot more than honey, and all those other hive elements are as healthy for you as for the bees. Life Elements knows that, so they packed their healing honey skin care full of all-natural, bee-derived goodness.

Their balm combines raw, unfiltered honey, moisture-rich beeswax, bee pollen, and even propolis—the resin that the bees gather as they brush against leaf buds or tree bark—which is rich in antibacterial agents. They add royal jelly, too—the nutrient-rich food bees feed to their offspring—for its amino acids, minerals, B-vitamins, and

Beekeepers Martha and Curt Van Inwegen harvest their buzzworthy ingredients from American-born and -bred bees. Olive oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, and essential oils round out their all-natural formula.

Roll some on chapped lips, dry hands, or rough heels. Or use it to calm minor cuts or burns. You can even apply it to pets’ paws, or use it on diaper rash.

Get the healthy benefits of the entire hive with a just a few swipes.
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