Convertibile LED Flashlight Kit Case of 12

The Liggoo Story

Liggoo | Convertible LED Work Light

Modular Light Set

The Liggoo portable rechargeable LED work light comes from Maker Hervé Guillaume and his team who set out to shake things up in the lighting industry, where Hervé has worked for over twenty-five years. They wanted to create a lighting system where one light was the centerpiece.

It took three years of R&D to get Liggoo just right. The modular system centers around the rechargeable LED light that has interchangeable components—a headlamp, flashlight, hook, strap, and magnetic clip—that it snaps into. This makes it versatile to work in just-about endless situations, and in places where you need
it most.

The modular components are made from water- and shock-resistant polycarbonate and the 150-lumen LED is adjustable to deliver the brightness you need when you’re working indoors or outside. With all the way you can use it—and all the places you can put it—we think Liggoo can be the right fit for what you need.
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