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So Clever!

7/25/2020 by BJinWA

I purchased this for myself and it has proven indispensable. Great for the gym or the beach. The design is unique yet simple.
I would recommend the Lion Latch for anyone who wants to feel secure with his/her valuables


Just what I was looking for

7/20/2020 by Karen

It seems like a very handy invention, wanted somewhere to put my ring when I was not home and needed it to be safe.


Should’ve Bought Earlier

7/5/2020 by Katherine

Great little device! If I’d had this earlier I wouldn’t have misplaced my anniversary ring a year ago and still can’t find! I was forming meatballs, took my ring off, put it somewhere. Should’ve had this jewelry holder !


Keeps my rings safe during travel

2/24/2020 by Cheri

I have a bad habit of tossing my rings into my purse when I remove them, while traveling. Then, the next morning when I reach into my purse, thinking I'll put my hand right on my jewelry, I can't find it, and panic sets in. The Lion Latch keeps my rings safe from my own carelessness, and honestly does give me peace of mind. I pack it in my toiletry bag, so when I'm getting ready for bed, I place the rings inside and attach the cute little plastic cylinder to a fob on my purse. If I forget to put on my rings before leaving my motel room, the rattle they make inside the container reminds me to do it (and if I don't stop and put them on then, the noise will continue to annoy me until I do!). Such a simple thing, but it really does help put my mind at ease when I'm away from home. Love it!


Very useful

2/16/2020 by Meredith

This little holder is a very convenient, secure place to put my jewelry when I go to the gym!



1/5/2020 by PsycDoc

A well made device that allows me to keep my jewlery safe while traveling. I bought several as gifts.


Terrific product

12/31/2019 by Joanne

It seems at first like such a simple thing, maybe even unnecessary, but I was really glad to find this little jewelry keeper keyring attachment. I remove my rings frequently at my parents' home to do dishes and clean, and having a designated, safe, small case for them in my purse is helpful. The case won't accidentally open in my purse, since the ring feeds through the top and bottom of the case, and my rings are protected rather than rattling around exposed to potential damage as they would be if I just looped my keychain through them. Love it!


Perfect for rings while at work

10/31/2019 by Krissy

Great for holding my rings when having to remove them for work purposes.


Just what I needed

10/9/2019 by c.a.

The moment I saw it I knew it was exactly what I needed. I make pottery, and used to just remove my rings and stick them in my pocket-- and, of course, forget them. Lost a ring that way. This little doohickey is perfect, simple, and easily attaches to a belt loop, key ring, or other unlikely-to-be-forgotten spot.


Convenient and easy

8/19/2019 by Jane

I like to take off my engagement ring when I swim or golf. This little box serves both as a reminder to take it off and as a great and convenient container.

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The Lion Latch Story

Lion Latch | Keychain Jewelry Holder

Play It Safe

Texas-based art teacher, coach, and Lion Latch Maker Lerin Lockwood was always looking for a safe place to store her rings and small jewelry while playing sports or working with paint or clay—which is to say, just about every day. None of the solutions she tried, like putting these pieces in her purse or on a keychain, gave her the peace of mind she craved.

After her engagement ring was dented (and the stone was lost!) while catching a softball, Lerin came up with her own solution: a storage locker for the small and special things in her life. Her clever case can attach to a keychain or bag
with a carabiner that doubles as its lock. The top can only be opened by removing the carabiner, so it will not accidentally pop off. Now the important stuff stays secure and you can eliminate a little bit of worry from your life. Read More Read Less