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Perfect for traveling!

6/16/2017 by Mom to 3 Cats

We use this on our snowbird trips to FL. and it works so nice and best yet, no stinky smell in hotel rooms.


Best cat litter on the market

6/12/2017 by Kathleen

There is no better litter. Don't know how how this works but it is magical. No smells and no mess. No issues with tracking, unlike all other cat litters. Absolutely the Best!


great litter box

5/17/2017 by shirli

this is a great litter box. no messy litter tracked through the house.


Sweet smelling litter box

5/16/2017 by Joan

My house smells so much better since I got this box. It's very convenient and also biodegradable. Easy to keep clean and Cat likes it.


best litter box ever!

3/1/2017 by shirli

best litter box system ever! just wish it wasn't soo expensive.
First time i bought it it was only $19.95 now it is $24.95.


The BEST cat litter solution

2/28/2017 by Roberta

I cannot express how much I love this. One of my cats has breathing issues, I have allergies, asthma and emphysema. This eliminates all urine odors, and has NO dust. I only scoop the solids. When it's done, I just take it out to the yard waste and throw in the entire box. Nothing's easier, cleaner, less odiferous or cheaper in time and money spent. I just wish there was a frequent buyer program for a lower cost.


They love it!

2/27/2017 by Carol

All 4 of my fussy, persnickety cats used these from day 1. I put out 3 Litter Ones and 1 regular pan with their usual litter. For all 4, the box of choice was Litter One.

With 4 adult, healthy eating cats, they lasted almost 4 weeks with regular attention.

As of today, they are sold out and I understand why. As soon as they are back in stock, I'm ordering more.

Brilliant idea. Thanks!


This is THE litter box

2/8/2017 by Roberta

If you don't like the smells from your cats litter box, this is THE litter box you need. NO smell from urine or feces escapes the natural pine pellets neutralizing powers. Only feces needs to be scooped out, and a scoop and bags comes with each box! No more cleaning the litter box!!! Just put it in the yard waste container.


Great product

1/13/2017 by Mary

Unfortunately I have to have a litter box in my bedroom. With this product only my cat knows it's there. Litter box lasts for about a month with one cat.


THE best litter

12/17/2016 by Paul

For those of us who live in cramped quarters like NYC this is a pleasure. It's odorless, completely disposable and environmentally perfect.

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The Litter One Story

Litter One - Self-Contained, Natural Cat Litter

Pine Fresh

Ask any cat lover the best thing about their feline friends and the answer isn’t likely to be changing the kitty litter box. That’s the beauty of Litter One—it’s an all-in-one cat litter solution that never requires changing. After four to six weeks of odorless enjoyment, simply throw the whole American Made kit and caboodle out with the recycling and start anew.

The 100% biodegradable box takes less than 20 seconds to assemble and uses pine pellet litter instead of clay. When your cat urinates, the pellets turn into sawdust and fall through a patented false floor into a catch tray. Each
Litter One purchase also includes a scoop and 30 freshly scented bags for disposing of fecal waste.

With three cats of her own and a father in the lumber business, inventor Natalie Robbins couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between the look of traditional clay litter and pine pellets. But the shape was where the similarities ended. While clay litter can be harmful to your cat’s health and anything but odor-free when mixed with urine, Litter One pine pellets are all natural and odor absorbing. No wonder Litter One passed our sniff test to emerge as one of 10 finalists in our 2014 Product Pitch contest.
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