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Finally, a cat litter that does it all...

11/30/2016 by Paul

Living in an apartment in Manhattan we are limited in space, bothered by litter smells and barred by storage places. My wife loves little Emily, and so she stays. Then came this completely disposable litter, great for the environment, easy to flush and odorless.

We will use no other.



10/24/2016 by marcia

It took a while for one of my cats to use it. The other one hasn't tried it yet. I still keep one regular kitty litter box for them. When my cat uses this box he only uses it to pee thankfully so it is so easy to clean it. I just stir the pellets around and the dust goes through the slits to the bottom. It has no smell at all. I wish the second cat would use it to pee as well and am hoping he will. I decided I really do like the concept though it took a few weeks for me to realize how much I like it. I am going to continue using both boxes for a while but would definitely buy it again if the cat continues to use it.


Best litter box I have had

10/10/2016 by Nilebird

Was hesitant at first, even after watching the video. But after trying it, wondered why I didn't take the plunge months before. My cat loves it. I did throw some of her old litter on top which was recommended and that is all it took for her to step in. No cat smell at all. Just pine.


Clever all-in-one litterbox

9/27/2016 by Suzanne

I have been using these for a while. My cat took to the pine litter quickly and I like that there is less tracking (although as it gets to the end of its life, there definitely is some). Also, it is a pleasant smell and the house doesn't smell like I have a cat. It never lasts more than 4 weeks, but I expect it might if I used 2 boxes at a time, so that it had a better chance to dry.
I wish the used litter drained into the bottom a bit easier, but it does seem to work better if I take time to stir it frequently.
I like that it closes right back up so I can put it in the trash without emptying it into a big plastic bag.


Worth every penny!!!!!!

8/25/2016 by Mary

Works to eliminate odor even with two cats. The life of the box is reduced to approximately 15-20 days but keeps the house odor free.


WOW - easiest system ever

8/3/2016 by yolanda

I do not have to hook up a litter box to a toilet, I do not have to empty gosh awful litter bags while replacing it with a new one and dumping dusty and very expensive litter. No sirree! I open the box, place it on the floor for my cat Tigger, and scoop once a day into the provided and scented bags! When done - 5-6 weeks later, I close the box place it into a plastic bag and take it to the trash. I always order two boxes so my baby is never out of a fresh box. I am partially disabled and on a fixed income. This is the easiest and least expensive system ever and within my range of mobility. DO NOT STOP MAKING THESE BOXES!! Friends have been referred to Litter One....


Very GOOD Product!!!

7/12/2016 by Jasimen

Went together very easily. NO ODOR!! Cats like it. Works as described. I am on my 3rd order of 2 kits and kits are lasting approx. 5 weeks each for my 2 cats. Greatest part is NO more cleaning litter box and throw away!!! Will continue to purchase.


Litter One

7/8/2016 by Paula

It went together very easy. Still waiting for cat to let me know if she likes it! Lol


Great Product!

7/5/2016 by Anita

My finicky cat prefers this litter to any other!



4/28/2016 by Alli

Two days, and I'm sold. There is nothing odor, and no litter tracked all over the house. None of my three cats had a problem switching. Did I mention there's no odor?!

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The Litter One Story

Litter One - Self-Contained, Natural Cat Litter

Pine Fresh

Ask any cat lover the best thing about their feline friends and the answer isn’t likely to be changing the kitty litter box. That’s the beauty of Litter One—it’s an all-in-one cat litter solution that never requires changing. After four to six weeks of odorless enjoyment, simply throw the whole American Made kit and caboodle out with the recycling and start anew.

The 100% biodegradable box takes less than 20 seconds to assemble and uses pine pellet litter instead of clay. When your cat urinates, the pellets turn into sawdust and fall through a patented false floor into a catch tray. Each
Litter One purchase also includes a scoop and 30 freshly scented bags for disposing of fecal waste.

With three cats of her own and a father in the lumber business, inventor Natalie Robbins couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between the look of traditional clay litter and pine pellets. But the shape was where the similarities ended. While clay litter can be harmful to your cat’s health and anything but odor-free when mixed with urine, Litter One pine pellets are all natural and odor absorbing. No wonder Litter One passed our sniff test to emerge as one of 10 finalists in our 2014 Product Pitch contest.
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