My Critter Catcher

Long-Handled Insect Grabber with Display Case of 24

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Very Clever, Works Well

8/5/2016 by Nick

We have used this several times now and it has not failed to secure the insect and allow humane release back into the environment. We've even been able to capture and release the occasional fly. Just a well designed and well executed product.


Works Perfectly!!

8/5/2016 by Roz

Am giving the Critter Catcher to my daughter as part of her birthday present! I have two of my own--upstairs and down, and they do a super job. Especially spiders--but I've picked up centipedes and taken them, unharmed, to be released outside. Thanks for a super contraption!!


bug catcher

8/5/2016 by Carol

I bought 2 of these. One for inside & one for outside--they look like they will work really well. The problem? Haven't seen anything to use it on., which is really unusual. It's two feet long but still too short for me-- I DO NOT want to be that close to a spider But then that just me.


critter catcher

8/5/2016 by Ann

This is an amazing critter catcher. I bought two of these items so I can keep one at each end of the house. We live in San Antonio and we do have lots of critters roaming around. Spiders and scorpions are now caught by ME instead of me running through the house calling for my husband to eliminate the critter. It works beautifully!!!! Excellent item to keep within reach. Five star for sure.


Like it

8/4/2016 by David

Like it.


Great Product

8/4/2016 by Helen

I wish I could tell you more about this product, but I have not had a single insect in the house since it arrived. It seems to be well made, and it looks like it will work just fine once I get the opportunity.


An elegant solution to a vexing problem

8/4/2016 by Jeanne

I don't like stomping on spiders, and some of them are very fast - getting away and hiding. I want to know where they are. Keeping one of these within reach prevents their escape. I got two. One for each bathroom. They work well. I appreciate the practice spider that comes with the product. The shipping package is inadequate. The box arrived bent and torn in half. Both grabbers have a bend in the handle. They still function perfectly, so I am not unhappy.


Looks goofy, but IT WORKS!

8/4/2016 by Karen

We have a "bug" vacuum that was never charged when we had a critter that I did not want to live with.

Me leaping around swinging a rolled up magazine did not go well for the light fixtures, the walls or me.

Glad I tried this clever invention. It really works. Was afraid it would hurt delicate spiders, but they have all emerged outside with all their parts.

I highly recommend this Grabber.


What a great idea!!

8/4/2016 by Patricia

Purchased one for me and two as gifts .. for those who are squeamish or simply don't want to kill anything!!! Thank you!


My life saver!

8/4/2016 by Cynthia

This gadget is my life saver! It works like a charm, so simple to use. I bought one for myself & one for my son's family. Such a clever idea. Love it!

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The My Critter Catcher Story

The tool for spider lovers and haters alike.

A safe distance

Whether you’re deathly afraid of crawly insects or an avid believer in their right to live, this handheld bug catcher is for you.

Squeeze the handle to open the bristles, release to grasp the bug, and squeeze again to free it—somewhere outside, we presume. The firm outer bristles help grip larger bugs (beetles, spiders, and even scorpions). Inside, the soft nylon bristles keep even smaller bugs safe.

With the long handle, you’ll enjoy a comfortable 25-inch distance from the critter. And that length also lends some leeway to grab insects in hard-to-reach spots.

Tony Allen designed My Critter
Catcher for his afraid-of-spiders son. Because spiders are helpful predators who get rid of other pests, Tony wanted a non-harmful way to catch and release.

This invention lets you declare “long live the bugs” and “keep that thing away from me” in one combined sweep.
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