My Critter Catcher

Long-Handled Insect Grabber Sample

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Best Purchase Ever

12/20/2019 by Cynthia

This is actually the 5th one I have purchased! I loved mine so much that I have purchased 4 others as gifts.
What a great way to deal with unwanted “visitors”!


So handy

10/31/2019 by Tia

This can pick up just about anything. People are amazed when I can catch spiders and release them unharmed (along with most creepy crawlies)


The Web

10/5/2019 by Janet

Works great!! After the scare of what came out of the box with it, it made a lot of fun for many people to use it.



7/22/2019 by Loretta

I really like my critter catcher; it works like a charm.
It makes me happy to be able to rid my house of visitors without having to harm them



6/26/2019 by Debbie

Christmas gift


Love it

5/29/2019 by Jessie

I've used it twice already with spiders, hope it works as well on other insects.


No more crunch from killing bugs!

5/1/2019 by Heather

Love this little gadget, your hand doesn't have to get near the thing you're trying to remove from your home, and you can release it outside (or in the toilet) rather than getting bug guts on the wall/floor/ceiling



3/27/2019 by Donna

My mom has 1 of these and I just loved it as I despise bugs in the house.
So glad I now have 1 of my own! I even bought 1 for our condo up north.



3/12/2019 by Angela

Does the job



2/14/2019 by Pam

We can't live without this in our house! We got an infestation of stink bugs in our house last year and this was great for picking them up and getting rid of them. Also the occasional spider. Works Great!

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The My Critter Catcher Story

The tool for spider lovers and haters alike.

A safe distance

Whether you’re deathly afraid of crawly insects or an avid believer in their right to live, this handheld bug catcher is for you.

Squeeze the handle to open the bristles, release to grasp the bug, and squeeze again to free it—somewhere outside, we presume. The firm outer bristles help grip larger bugs (beetles, spiders, and even scorpions). Inside, the soft nylon bristles keep even smaller bugs safe.

With the long handle, you’ll enjoy a comfortable 25-inch distance from the critter. And that length also lends some leeway to grab insects in hard-to-reach spots.

Tony Allen designed My Critter
Catcher for his afraid-of-spiders son. Because spiders are helpful predators who get rid of other pests, Tony wanted a non-harmful way to catch and release.

This invention lets you declare “long live the bugs” and “keep that thing away from me” in one combined sweep.
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