My Critter Catcher

Long-Handled Insect Grabber Sample

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3/27/2019 by Donna

My mom has 1 of these and I just loved it as I despise bugs in the house.
So glad I now have 1 of my own! I even bought 1 for our condo up north.



3/12/2019 by Angela

Does the job



2/14/2019 by Pam

We can't live without this in our house! We got an infestation of stink bugs in our house last year and this was great for picking them up and getting rid of them. Also the occasional spider. Works Great!


funny idea but works well

2/14/2019 by Mary

didn't realize how handy this would be--great product


My husband’s new best friend

2/13/2019 by Erin

We live in the ‘woods’ and bugs are no stranger to us now. For some reason my husband has gone on a no-kill kick, not wanting to take the life of even a spider. We’ve been getting a ton of wasps (must have a nest somewhere inside?!). This critter catcher works like a charm every time!! He loves it! He walks them out our patio door and sets them free!! Although the same darn wasp is probably just flying back in, the first chance he gets!! If bugs are an issue in your house - do yourself a favor and order one of these!


works great!

2/13/2019 by mike

Bought it for my bug-a-phobe son. He loves it.


Easy to use

12/30/2018 by lena

This humane way to catch insects is very easy to use. The length of the critter catcher handle allows you to stay away from the insect (or allows to reach to a ceiling). The insects are not harmed inside the device and can be set free outside. I have two, so one is always near!


The granddaughters loved it!!

12/26/2018 by Sandra

I got two pink and one green, one for my husband and one for each of my granddaughters. My 7-1/2 year old granddaughters just loved it. My husband didn't try it out so I don't know how he felt about it, however the granddaughters really enjoyed the plastic spider that came with it and picking it up a lot. We will have to wait and see how well it works on real insects and also how long it lasts.


Hooray for humane catch & release

11/11/2018 by helen

We have quite a few spiders living peacefully in our home dining on other insects we don't need to do anything about i.e. use harmful insecticide. For the youngsters this is a wonderful teaching tool, educating and instilling a love and respect for even the lowest on the totem pole.For our college aged niece and her friend, staying with us, it was both initially a terrifying and eventual entertaining game of catch and release (they even had to come downstairs to release...such good sports). This is easy to use and for the spiders I don't pick up by hand (daddy long legs, these I pick up by hand) I use this. Great, great device!!


Love this item

10/14/2018 by Constance

I live in Florida - land of the palmetto bugs. I don't like to pick them up when they are still somewhat alive and I don't like to kill them. I have a dog so can't use bug spray. This item is wonderful. I can dispose of the bugs immediately w/o a problem!

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The My Critter Catcher Story

The tool for spider lovers and haters alike.

A safe distance

Whether you’re deathly afraid of crawly insects or an avid believer in their right to live, this handheld bug catcher is for you.

Squeeze the handle to open the bristles, release to grasp the bug, and squeeze again to free it—somewhere outside, we presume. The firm outer bristles help grip larger bugs (beetles, spiders, and even scorpions). Inside, the soft nylon bristles keep even smaller bugs safe.

With the long handle, you’ll enjoy a comfortable 25-inch distance from the critter. And that length also lends some leeway to grab insects in hard-to-reach spots.

Tony Allen designed My Critter
Catcher for his afraid-of-spiders son. Because spiders are helpful predators who get rid of other pests, Tony wanted a non-harmful way to catch and release.

This invention lets you declare “long live the bugs” and “keep that thing away from me” in one combined sweep.
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