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Great Insect Grabber

9/4/2016 by Mary

I bought this for my granddaughter who has a phobia with spiders. Well, she used it for the first time yesterday and she was very happy with it. She texted me first thing this morning telling me about how she managed to trap a spider (shaking but she did it) and put it outside. Normally she screams and calls maintenance for help! She is very thankful for this gadget and, even though she didn't say it, I think it turned out to be the best birthday present she received from me. I'm sure the maintenance people are extremely happy they won't get anymore hysterical calls from her.



9/1/2016 by Geoff

I bought 2 of these, one for each floor in my home. Easy to use and picks up the bugs first try. One minor thing is that the cover comes off too easily, but one can avoid that by being keeping that in mind when handling the unit.
Well made, and worth the price.



9/1/2016 by Mary

Ok I really bought this as a joke for my teenage granddaughter who is always hollering for me to come and kill a spider. Well jokes was on me! It really works! She hates bugs and she can catch anything with her Critter Catcher,


Bug catcher

8/31/2016 by Jean

It was a gift for granddaughter she loved it!



8/28/2016 by Ash

I live in the south where those teeny geckos are everywhere. This thing picks it up in one swoop (while being a safe distance from me, LOL) and I can put it outside where it belongs! PRAYERS ANSWERED. Great quality, east to use.


Genius! LOVE this!

8/24/2016 by Cookie

Love it! Love it! Love it! No more chasing and stomping! Pick it up and flush or trash it or put it outside. Pick up whatever your "it" is! Roaches, silverfish, wasps, even lizards!! We use it nearly every day!! I can't "stoop", so I have even used it to pick up tissues or small pieces of paper!


It Really Works

8/24/2016 by Lynda

It does what it says! After I tried it out I bought another one for a gift. Maybe not the prettiest gift, but my arachnophobe sister is sure to be grateful.


My Critter Catcher

8/23/2016 by Joanne

I live in Florida, so we have no shortage of creepy-crawlies. I got my chance to use My Critter Catcher, recently, on a small, daddy-long-leg sort of spider. I was a little leery, because he seemed so fragile, but I gave it a go. He was walking on the wall, so I went over, with bristles open, approached the wall, and enclosed the spider in the center, closed the bristles (was surprised he was no longer on the wall), and took it outside. When I opened the bristles over the front walk, sure enough--he fell out and walked away. So, even though that has been my only experience, thus far, I am extremely satisfied that your product works as advertised and will come in very, very handy.



8/19/2016 by Marlene

Since it has arrived the 3 bugs I've gone after with it have gotten beyond my reach, even when I stood on the sofa! I have no doubt that when I'm able to reach them it will do it's job very well.


Excellent product!

8/16/2016 by Laura

I love this product! I hate smashing them and making a mess; catch and release is a great solution! The hardest part is getting the spider to stay still enough to get him in between the bristles...but I think that's an OPERATOR problem, not a design problem, lol! I recommend this product, it looks and does exactly as it's described.

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The My Critter Catcher Story

The tool for spider lovers and haters alike.

A safe distance

Whether you’re deathly afraid of crawly insects or an avid believer in their right to live, this handheld bug catcher is for you.

Squeeze the handle to open the bristles, release to grasp the bug, and squeeze again to free it—somewhere outside, we presume. The firm outer bristles help grip larger bugs (beetles, spiders, and even scorpions). Inside, the soft nylon bristles keep even smaller bugs safe.

With the long handle, you’ll enjoy a comfortable 25-inch distance from the critter. And that length also lends some leeway to grab insects in hard-to-reach spots.

Tony Allen designed My Critter
Catcher for his afraid-of-spiders son. Because spiders are helpful predators who get rid of other pests, Tony wanted a non-harmful way to catch and release.

This invention lets you declare “long live the bugs” and “keep that thing away from me” in one combined sweep.
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