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Great product!

7/21/2020 by Nick

This phone grip is great! I have a somewhat larger phone that is hard to hold with one hand and used to get uncomfortable after awhile of trying to hold it until I got this. This grip makes it much easier to hold your phone! The customer service is great as well, I had an incident where I accidentally placed the grip in the wrong spot when I was attaching it and I broke the elastic grip by mistake when trying to pull it off to reposition it. I contacted customer support and they sent me a new grip and extra adhesives at no charge and we're very friendly. It works well and has a stretchy band that goes around your finger to accommodate one or more fingers.


Perfect handle!

6/29/2020 by Jo

Love how simple and easy to use this phone grip is! I have it installed on the case for my BlackBerry Passport, and it works perfectly, to hang on to my phone.



4/26/2020 by Albert

This grip is so helpful. It is provides so much comfort when using my mobile . No fear of a dropped device. Perfect for me as a stroke survivor. Bye bye to any accidental slips or drops.


Love it!

4/25/2020 by Deb

This product works great for me. I currently have carpal tunnel with the bonus of arthritis. This allows me to hold on to the phone while reading or talking on the phone without dropping and keeps a pretty low profile. I don't know how I did without it!


Better than pop socket

3/21/2020 by Lynn

All of our phones have a love handle. Keeps me from dropping my phone. Can carry it with a finger. I also have the car holder. Love it!



3/18/2020 by Suzanne

I use these on my Kindle. Makes it easy to hold.


Excellent grip

1/13/2020 by Doris

It arrived on time for the christmas festivities and it was practical for my android phone and the handgrip has a design right for my fingers and also to carry the phone so it prevents a fall down.


this was a gift

1/10/2020 by Moureen

I gave this to my daughter because she has dropped her phone and has tried several phone holders but wasn't happy with them... She has had this one on for over 2 weeks and it is working great! It doesn't pop off or slip and she is happy with it.



1/6/2020 by Linda

I just wish it was a little larger for my iphone 11 pro max


A real money saver!

11/3/2019 by Gloria

Without this, I know that I would have had to pay for new phones or new screens! I have had so many people ask me about it and where I purchased it. It truly has been a lifesaver! I have not dropped my phone once since I put this on the back of my phone. Makes taking pictures so much easier!

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The LoveHandle Story

Use 1 hand to hold your phone and a coffee.

Phone Hold

Effortlessly hold and use your phone with just one hand.

This elastic hand grip for your phone attaches to the back of your device. Slip your fingers under the band and you’ll be able to comfortably touch all four corners of the screen (without any crazy finger contortions). Or, to keep a hold on your phone but free up your fingers, flip the phone over and use that hand to carry a coffee or groceries.

Makers David Dick and Mike Watts wanted to find a natural way to securely hold our sometimes too-big-for-our-hands devices. First, they invented the handle, then came up with a 360-degree swivel
mount that lets you prop up your phone, too. It’s perfect for following recipes in the kitchen or directions as you drive.

We found the handle to be super convenient, with a slim, light design that’s barely noticeable when it’s in your pocket. The design makes your phone feel like a natural extension of your hand. It’s easy to go from one activity to the next seamlessly (and fearlessly).
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