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Elastic Grip Filled Display Case of 72

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Handy gadget

8/19/2019 by Franklin

Simply wonderful product.


Perfect companion to my cell phone

7/8/2019 by Sue

Now I can finally text with one hand!



6/26/2019 by Jo

This little is amazing. The holder stays stuck!! I bought 3 thinking it wouldn’t stay on too long but it’s still holding on and it’s been months!! and it shows no wear at all.


Such a simple idea, but so great

6/24/2019 by Wayne

Since I have a kickstand type holder on my phone I put it on the very side and it works fact I think it's better there than it would have been in the middle. Works great!


Makes holding onto phone easier

2/14/2019 by JO ANN

I seem to have small hands and a large phone. Helps to hang on to the phone and not in the way.


Love it!

2/14/2019 by Laura

Got tired of holding my phone - now I can use hold it with 2 fingers! GREAT!


The Best

2/13/2019 by Virginia

Not sure now what I would do without this. I count on it strapped through my finger for running, walking, just out shopping and never have to worry about a broken Iphone. Even straps on to a spin bike if you want to peek and see how much more time you have to spin!


Very convenient item

2/13/2019 by Brenda

For people with diminished grip capability or with their hands full of other "stuff" this is a real phone saver.


Best product of its kind!

2/13/2019 by Sharon

I have bought 5 of these in total. My kids and granddaughter all swear by them. I even get approached in stores about it. The low profile allows my pkone to slide into my pocket easily and without popping amd unpopping a disc I have to squeeze between my fingers.


Works just right.

2/13/2019 by michelle

Sticks strongly, elastic gives just enough to get a firm grip. Recommended!

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The LoveHandle Story

Use 1 hand to hold your phone and a coffee.

Phone Hold

Effortlessly hold and use your phone with just one hand.

This elastic hand grip for your phone attaches to the back of your device. Slip your fingers under the band and you’ll be able to comfortably touch all four corners of the screen (without any crazy finger contortions). Or, to keep a hold on your phone but free up your fingers, flip the phone over and use that hand to carry a coffee or groceries.

Makers David Dick and Mike Watts wanted to find a natural way to securely hold our sometimes too-big-for-our-hands devices. First, they invented the handle, then came up with a 360-degree swivel
mount that lets you prop up your phone, too. It’s perfect for following recipes in the kitchen or directions as you drive.

We found the handle to be super convenient, with a slim, light design that’s barely noticeable when it’s in your pocket. The design makes your phone feel like a natural extension of your hand. It’s easy to go from one activity to the next seamlessly (and fearlessly).
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