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2nd purchase

6/14/2017 by Maureen

I love this calming, stylish tuner so much. When I adopted a blind cat and had a 1 1/2 hr drive, I used it, and after every blow I would sing her name softly. She was very calm and now I do the same at home and she comes to me from wherever in the house.


Beautiful sound

5/7/2017 by Joanie

Great gift



5/3/2017 by anita

love this lovetuner I relax to the beautiful sound, wear it dailey, the lenth is perfect, love the carving. please make more Prodects like this


Very soothing

5/3/2017 by sharon

With the world in such disarray, it is very hard to find a way to calm the mind and get some much needed down time. This helps.


Beautiful and different!

3/10/2017 by Barbara W.

I love this piece very much and wear it daily. It is a replacement, however, for the first one I received, which was impossible to remove the tuner from the sleeve, even though I had several people try. After I received the replacement (which is easier to remove but still sometimes gets a little difficult), I learned a trick! Take a tiny bit of Vaseline and apply it to the outside of the tuner near the very end (the end that goes into the sleeve) all the way around. Then slide it into the sleeve, and the Vaseline will provide enough lubrication onto the rubber ring inside to make the tuner much easier to slide in and out. Periodically I need to re-apply. This has made all the difference in the world to me as I have bad hands. I have seen other complaints in reviews about difficulties getting the tuner out, so hopefully this review will help you if you're considering buying one.


Calming tone

3/7/2017 by Julie

I'm an elementary school teacher & I use this to signal my students to listen up! So much better than a jarring bell or whistle. We all love it. My only complaint is that it is hard to slide out of the little silver holder. I really have to get a tight grip and tug hard. That part is annoying, but then again I sure wouldn't want it to accidentally fall out on its own because it's expensive! Maybe if it had a ridge at the bottom so your fingers could get a better grip.....



1/21/2017 by Renee

This product was interesting to me. When I wore it , it was a conversation piece and people wanted me to demonstrate it. The sound is calming, not irritating like most whistles. I have not used it to the extent of the instructions yet, but plan to.


Grommet is a super company to work with

1/16/2017 by Jane

They were extremely responsive to my complaint about a defective item. I received a replacement within days!



1/15/2017 by Valerie

The love tuner is just what it says it is. It makes you feel really good.


My wife loves this

1/14/2017 by David

Bought as a Christmas gift for my wife, she absolutely loves it.

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The Lovetuner Story

Nails on a chalkboard? This is the opposite.

Tune in to Calm

It’s not always easy to practice mindfulness. Wearing a mindfulness tone necklace keeps some helpful guidance within reach.

The Lovetuner holds a single-note flute that plays 528 Hz, also called the “Love Frequency.” Many people find that, like the sustained vibration of “Om,” this note calms them and reduces stress.

Founder Sigmar Berg is a believer in this tone's positive effects on our minds and bodies. With Sigmar’s talent as a designer, he created this Made in the USA necklace to hold some calming influence close at hand.

He isn't the only one who believes in the healing power of 528 Hz.
It's referred to as the “miracle note” on the original Solfeggio musical scale, used by ancient priests and healers for its peaceful properties. If you doubt that sound can deeply impact our bodies, think about the stress created by certain sounds (nails on a chalkboard, anyone?) versus the soothing hum of white noise.

Besides its spiritual positives, the necklace adds an understated edge to your attire. Use it in your meditation practice, to center yourself in a peaceful space, or simply as a reminder of the loving vibrations around us.
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