Mindfulness Tone Necklace Sample

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1/13/2017 by susan

It's not only beautiful but the tone is magnificent. Love it.


Love sound

12/21/2016 by Megan

What a perfect gift.


Mindfulness necklace

12/7/2016 by kathy

I'm very pleased with Grommet as a seller of unique gifts. This I bought as a gift for my granddaughter who likes music and also as a calming technique with the tone that this necklace emits. I like the colors and the necklace chain is sturdy & very nice.The necklace itself is very unique looking & sturdy as well. What a clever idea! Thank you Grommet for featuring this necklace!.



12/3/2016 by Judith

I absolutely love this item!! I have purchased 5 as gifts and one for myself. My ONLY complaint is that some of the whistles are a little difficult to pull out from the holder. I realize the problem of gravity but possibly someone at the company can test the "grip" needed to pull out each whistle tube. These are wonderful gifts in a variety of colors and cord/chain combo..good for either a man or a woman. By the way, my Yoga teacher is now using the whistle AND IT WORKS!! for her class meditations. Also, congrats on the elegant packaging. I haven't seen such a lovely box since Tiffany stopped making its blue box. Thanks.


Absolutely Amazing!

11/27/2016 by Deborah

This little whistle works wonders! Words cannot describe the peacefulness that it holds. It helps me unwind from a stressful situation in under a minute, during meditation it helps keeps me focused, and I even noticed how it calms my dog down. Thank you Grommet for finding such an amazing product!


Very Nice!

11/19/2016 by Laura

Was exactly how it was described!



11/18/2016 by Mary

Just got the love tuner, excited to use it



11/15/2016 by nancy

Have combined I with breathing exercises and while driving in the car. Look forward to continued use and the shift to higher vibrations throughout the day. Very attractive.


Beautiful mindfulness tool

11/6/2016 by Jen

Uplifting gorgeous sound. Fun to add variety to breath work. Our toddler loves it too.


Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

11/4/2016 by Debbie

I want as many people as possible to know why this product made me cry. I purchased this because I had previously purchase software to listen too for the ringing in my ears. It was based on different tones that a musician had put together. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I saw the Lovetuner and thought it was worth trying. We'll at first it made the ringing not as loud. NOW, I am on my second day of no ringing in my ears. Anyone who has this problem knows why I cry. For the first time in a long time I have peace and quiet in my head! You have no idea what this means to me. Who ever invented this I LOVE YOU! This should definitely be put into the description of the product. I can not Thank you enough.

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The Lovetuner Story

Nails on a chalkboard? This is the opposite.

Tune in to Calm

It’s not always easy to practice mindfulness. Wearing a mindfulness tone necklace keeps some helpful guidance within reach.

The Lovetuner holds a single-note flute that plays 528 Hz, also called the “Love Frequency.” Many people find that, like the sustained vibration of “Om,” this note calms them and reduces stress.

Founder Sigmar Berg is a believer in this tone's positive effects on our minds and bodies. With Sigmar’s talent as a designer, he created this Made in the USA necklace to hold some calming influence close at hand.

He isn't the only one who believes in the healing power of 528 Hz.
It's referred to as the “miracle note” on the original Solfeggio musical scale, used by ancient priests and healers for its peaceful properties. If you doubt that sound can deeply impact our bodies, think about the stress created by certain sounds (nails on a chalkboard, anyone?) versus the soothing hum of white noise.

Besides its spiritual positives, the necklace adds an understated edge to your attire. Use it in your meditation practice, to center yourself in a peaceful space, or simply as a reminder of the loving vibrations around us.
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