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Awesome but smelled

7/1/2016 by Denise

I had ordered 2 of these for myself and my daughter. We were excited! They were pretty and made the peaceful sound, but they smelled of mildew. We returned them and ordered them again and these also smelled the same way. It's a shame because it's a wonderful idea. The boxes aren't damaged, they come beautifully presented. It's just the smell that must be in the warehouse storage place where they are shipped from. I really want to reorder them, but am afraid I will still get the same smell on them. I can't seem to speak with anyone who is knowledgeable about this or can inspect it for me. It's just automatic emails and a person taking orders on the phone in a different state. I'm at a loss what to do.


Love It !

6/24/2016 by Carrol Ann

I have PAH - pulmonary hypertension and have to work on my breathing, so the tone necklace allows me to better evaluate how I am doing when using it and work toward a longer tone.


Am in love with this!

6/21/2016 by Susan

I am a professional speaker and am using this to gently welcome people back from assignments and discussions. The tone is beautiful and it is quite elegant in experience. Being able to "wear it" ensures it does not get lost or left behind. Thank you for a beautiful product.


It works for me!!!!!

6/20/2016 by Judith

The tone is very distinctive and focuses my mind to soothing state. Very much like the "singing bowl".


Nice meditation tool

5/20/2018 by Joyce

It’s compact and I use it to quickly quiet my mind



5/15/2018 by Gail

Got comments on it.


Love it, but permanently removed from sleeve.

9/21/2017 by Edith

It is wonderful for taking my mind from the clutter and worries of the day. However, as I have arthritic hands, it is not possible to use it as a necklace. I carry the flute in a small bag in my purse, and did away with necklace.
It would be nice for you to think of another design.
Thank you,



8/15/2017 by Annissia

I really like the idea of this tuner. It does what it is intended for. You learn to control your breath and relax. My cat comes running to find the sound when I use it at home. I have not gotten comfortable using it at work (my most stressful place). But I keep it with me every day, everywhere I go. Beautifully packaged. Love the informational insert. Had my family read it and test it out for themselves when it arrived.

I think you should think about how to make the necklaces or the ability to attach it to other necklaces to make it more "fashionable". I really do love it.


golden silver omm

2/27/2017 by robert

The necklace is extraordinary in its construction, appearance, and the beautiful sound that it produces. There is one drawback: it is somewhat difficult to remove the instrument from its case. This aspect requires patience.


For singers or smokers

1/14/2017 by Melissa

Very fine pitch pipe for the C above middle C. Might be helpful if you are quitting nicotine

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The Lovetuner Story

Nails on a chalkboard? This is the opposite.

Tune in to Calm

It’s not always easy to practice mindfulness. Wearing a mindfulness tone necklace keeps some helpful guidance within reach.

The Lovetuner holds a single-note flute that plays 528 Hz, also called the “Love Frequency.” Many people find that, like the sustained vibration of “Om,” this note calms them and reduces stress.

Founder Sigmar Berg is a believer in this tone's positive effects on our minds and bodies. With Sigmar’s talent as a designer, he created this Made in the USA necklace to hold some calming influence close at hand.

He isn't the only one who believes in the healing power of 528 Hz.
It's referred to as the “miracle note” on the original Solfeggio musical scale, used by ancient priests and healers for its peaceful properties. If you doubt that sound can deeply impact our bodies, think about the stress created by certain sounds (nails on a chalkboard, anyone?) versus the soothing hum of white noise.

Besides its spiritual positives, the necklace adds an understated edge to your attire. Use it in your meditation practice, to center yourself in a peaceful space, or simply as a reminder of the loving vibrations around us.
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