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Too Cool!

12/23/2019 by Laurel

So a friend of mine has had anemia for a while now with no resolve from doctors. I got this for her and it seems to be helping, slowly but surely. I also like that it as a buy one/give one.


so easy to use

11/4/2019 by megan

Works great, doesn't change the taste of food and so easy to use when cooking


Increased my iron

6/26/2019 by allison

Great product easy to use.


My friend loves her iron fish

12/26/2018 by Kimberly

I gave a dear friend with anemia this iron fish, and so far she is very happy with it. She did ask if they came in the shape of a llama, so maybe thats a thing the creator can think about.


Bought two

11/5/2018 by Pamela

I am anemic so thought this a great idea! I make 'iron water' with it. After the water cools, I add some orange juice, fresh fruit or even a little ginger ale and put it into glass drinking bottles in the fridge. Love them and it's a good cause as well.



9/4/2018 by Coralceas

This lucky fish has kept me from the hematologist! Thanks all around.


Love support g the mission

1/6/2018 by Robert

I don’t know yet how it is affecting me, but I. Very happy to support this venture, in coming fidence that it will help improve health.


Great product

10/28/2017 by Donna

I have one and now have purchased 2 more for my sister in law and niece. Any one with anima it’s worth a try. Don’t know yet but will report if iron gets better


Not a fish story...

10/5/2017 by Cat

just the plain truth. Have used it for 2 litres of drinking water so far. Tastes good. I think I might like this item very much in the future. My next bloodwork should let me know how well it's working since I have chronic anemia.



9/1/2017 by Donna

I think it's a great product. Women can all way use more iron. When we were younger and cooked in cast iron I didn't worry about it. Now I make tea and drinks for myself and daughter in laws and granddaughters.

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The Lucky Iron Fish Story

Get your daily iron from this little fish.

Iron Intake

Instead of relying on a pill-based iron supplement or an anemia treatment, give Lucky Fish a bath in boiling water to integrate iron into your meal.

This certified B-Corp wants to put iron in everyone’s pot—a response to the fact that nearly 50% of Cambodians suffer from iron deficiency. For every Lucky Fish someone purchases, they donate one to a family in Cambodia. Their goal is to tackle this worldwide issue by replicating their model around the globe. This goes to show the versatility of the design, which adapts to different diets and lifestyles.

A couple of drops of citrus and boiling
water—that’s all you need to transform, tea, rice, or a bowl of soup into a mineral-rich dish. You’ll get up to 75% of your day’s iron intake and boost your energy, brain power, and improve your blood circulation. Read More Read Less