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7/28/2018 by darlene

Really r little workhorses.


game changer

7/1/2018 by Jo Susan

Use the bed of our truck a lot!
For hauling just about anything you can imagine.
This amazing tie down is a game changer!
Easy to use, extremely efficient, secures any load!
Only problem...wish I had thought of it!



5/15/2018 by Robin

Everyone keeps trying to borrow these from me. Lol. Comes in very handy!


great design and function, but pricey

3/6/2017 by TBM3

Love these straps. Very versatile and surprisingly sturdy for such a thin profile.

Only drawback is they are expensive. I think they'd sell a ton more if they could get the price point down.


Very handy

10/6/2016 by A. Donahue

I bought these for my wife and she loves them. Very helpful for light duty use and they even kept a bundle of twigs and small branches intact going down the highway.



5/6/2015 by Robert

They are a little fidgetty to deal with at first but when you get used to how they work, they're brilliant. They sure beat generic bungee cords and are made much better.


Excellent solution

1/3/2015 by Bernie

These hooks are an indispensable part of my day. I bought two sets and they work together great- I do a lot of DIY chores and these help hold things together in my vehicle while hauling.


Have not used yet. Gave as a gift.

12/28/2014 by johanne

I purchased the LYNXHooks for my son in law. He was very pleased to have them as he is always carrying kayaks for the children on top of his van. So, I will give them a very good rating. I will ask him for his comments when he has used them.


Easy lock cords

1/13/2017 by A

Tough to manipulate with hands compromised by need d surgeries. My son discovered an easy way for me to open the locked fasteners.



11/26/2014 by barbara

smaller than i thought

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The LYNXHooks Story

LynxHooks - Secure Gear Strapping System

Flexible Fit

What do you get when two office workers and two farmers join forces? LYNXHooks--a system for securing cargo that beats bungee cords, hands down.

The idea happened when Karen Hayes was on her car roof, tying up bags for the dump. A bungee cord snapped, flinging her to the ground as husband, Dan, watched helplessly. To invent a better solution they enlisted input from neighbors Ed and Dan Fehringer, retired potato farmers. The crew created LYNXHooks, a customizable network that provides safety and security for both the user and the light-utility cargo being tied down.

Tough tiedown straps easily
become the precise length needed. Make each shorter or longer with a simple tug, or link them together. Then form a web customized to your cargo. Specialized attachments like Gear Grabbers and Bobtails loop around bars, clamp on hard edges, and even grip onto tarp or canvas without damaging it.

Made of premium solid rubber and protected by weather-resistant woven polyester, LYNXHooks are ready for the elements. The entire system is a versatile, dependable way to secure gear wherever you’re going.
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