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Great idea

5/23/2015 by Tod

Great product idea. My concern is the max weight of 25 pounds. Anything exposed on a motorcycle or car roof/trunk would end up on the road.


Light Duty

11/25/2014 by Ralph

Extension ability & hooking together is convenient. But retaining items tight for long travel, metal fittings are far more secure. A good road bounce, especially on a cycle will exceed the flimsy 25# load limit. One snapped hook & it's "all over".

Ok for car trunk items (provided trunk has footman loop (as does mine).


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The LYNXHooks Story

LynxHooks - Secure Gear Strapping System

Flexible Fit

What do you get when two office workers and two farmers join forces? LYNXHooks--a system for securing cargo that beats bungee cords, hands down.

The idea happened when Karen Hayes was on her car roof, tying up bags for the dump. A bungee cord snapped, flinging her to the ground as husband, Dan, watched helplessly. To invent a better solution they enlisted input from neighbors Ed and Dan Fehringer, retired potato farmers. The crew created LYNXHooks, a customizable network that provides safety and security for both the user and the light-utility cargo being tied down.

Tough tiedown straps easily
become the precise length needed. Make each shorter or longer with a simple tug, or link them together. Then form a web customized to your cargo. Specialized attachments like Gear Grabbers and Bobtails loop around bars, clamp on hard edges, and even grip onto tarp or canvas without damaging it.

Made of premium solid rubber and protected by weather-resistant woven polyester, LYNXHooks are ready for the elements. The entire system is a versatile, dependable way to secure gear wherever you’re going.
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