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Buy an extra hydration pack to keep in the frig!

7/24/2017 by Jill

Medically, I need constant water and I bought this item along with the Dolfin Pack. This way, I can keep a water stash in the cooler or frig at all times and am ready to swap out my empty pack when needed. I suggest this product along with the Dolfin Pack. One of the BEST products I have EVER purchased!

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The DolfinPack Story

A water pack you’ll forget you put on.

All-Terrain Water

A waterproof hydration pack almost sounds like an oxymoron. But this lightweight neoprene water carrier works on land and in the water. Plus it’s so light and comfortable, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.

Made from the same material as wetsuits, DolfinPack goes from hiking to running to surfing seamlessly. The neoprene, just two millimeters thick, helps keep water cool. The entire pack weighs under six ounces with adjustable straps to prevent sliding and bouncing.

To drink, switch the tube’s valve “on” and get a steady flow of water. Use the extra space in the pack to carry keys or
other stuff (but if you’ll be going in the water, or if your stuff will be harmed by condensation, put it in its own waterproof bag).

Plastic drainage rings at the bottom keep the pack from getting water logged when you’re in the ocean. The switch on the valve prevents salt from getting in, too. It’s even suited for some cold weather sports, because the neoprene keeps your drink from freezing.

This amphibious pack makes staying hydrated an anytime, anywhere a reality.
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