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North Country Wind Bells

Buoy Bells

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very nice and sounds peaceful

4/8/2019 by Zach

I purchased one of the bells for my mother for Christmas. The exact order was a castine harbor Bell with a hummingbird wind catcher. I placed the order and within no time the item shipped, and I got it a week or so later. I am very happy with my purchase . My mother loves the Bell as much as I do. And to all of you asking if it is worth it to get one of the bells, I have one thing to say to you

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon the weather is just perfect In the 70's and breezy, the birds chirping and it's peaceful. Your Bell ringing gently from the breeze giving the sound of the one you pick dogs barking in the distance. That moment you realize you picked a nice place to live. You are gonna be thankful that you purchased the Bell, and the spot on sound they mimic. There it's no comparison, try it for yourself and see what you think.


Sound therapy

4/7/2019 by Kathryn

My wind chime and attachment was exactly as I thought it would be. The sound is perfect and I can close my eyes to be at the beach. Thank you. I know it will bring many years of pleasure to us.


Wonderful house warming gift

4/2/2019 by Julia

My cousin and her husband built a ‘green home’ and moved into it in the fall. It has been a busy time for them and then she had surgery! I had her look at Grommet and we chose together- the bell tone reminds her of early days with her family in Maine. It arrived in a very timely manner and cheered her up! I want one!


Lovely bell

4/2/2019 by Loree

We love the sound of the harbor bell. Can’t wait until the weather is warm enough to sit outside and enjoy it!



3/31/2019 by Joe

Bought one and loved it so much so I ordered another, sweet soothing sound !!


Love the product.

3/24/2019 by Pauline

I have bought 4 for gifts at Christmas and just bought one for myself. Everyone that got one loves it. Excellent product.



3/17/2019 by Robert

I may not have a North Country Wind Bell but it is very similar. It was my parents and I would say it is at least 50 years old. The chains are rusted and about to give out; the original wind catcher fell off and is missing but the sound is clear. This is a lifetime gift.


I love coming home and heading these.

3/8/2019 by Kristin

I mentioned this would be good for my brothers house, so my mom bought me one as a Christmas gift. They have a great sound and seem durable. I have them on my back porch and they aren’t overbearing, even though it’s usually pretty windy at my house. I have bought some for my mom in return, as well as a friend of mine. I hope they will enjoy them as much as I do!


Great Gift

2/26/2019 by Marc

Very sturdy, well-made quality gift. The biggest problem will be where to hang it.


Perfect tune for Valentine's Day

2/26/2019 by Mary Ann

Gifted this to my husband on Valentine's Day. And even though it arrived after the big day, he loved it anyway. The Puget Sound has a lower tone ring, which he prefers.

Great quality workmanship.

It's sturdy, yet beautiful and we love the red cardinal swaying in the breeze.

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The North Country Wind Bells Story

North Country Wind Bells | Buoy Wind Bells

Sound Of The Sea

Jim Davidson was a lobsterman in Maine for years. Buoy bells chiming as he hauled in his lobster traps was a favorite sound—equal parts peaceful and melodic, and an indicator that he was safely close to harbor.

Jim was so enamored with the sound that he and his wife, May, began creating their own wind chimes to capture it. Their North Country Wind Bells are made at home in Maine and capture the tones of over 20 coastal and harbor bells.

Each location has a distinctive sound—from Bar Harbor to San Francisco—that Jim and May have carefully recreated. They started by recording as many local bells
as they could. They then fine-tuned their own bells by ear until the sound was just right.

The bells and windcatchers are crafted from recycled steel by many of the locals in the Davidsons' small town, and should last for at least 20 years of coastal-inspired sound.
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