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Not as strong as I had hoped

3/14/2014 by Monique

I used the buttons on a sweater like the one pictured and the buttons came apart twice. Luckily I found them. The sweater is not skin tight, has room to pull together without tension, but would like it clasped together. Was disappointed. Wore the sweater under an open coat, while shopping. I put them in my purse and forgot about it. Will try again, and wear at home to see if this happens again. Thought the magnets would be stronger.


Not as strong as I expected

3/10/2014 by Haiponers

I got the black ones which are lovely, but I bought them for a wool sweater and the magnets fell within 5 seconds. I almost lost them to boot... Certainly not as strong as I thought...



2/18/2014 by Janice

I expected a larger magnet button to have more significance in its use/appearance. And then when I used it to close a sweater without buttons it kept falling open. So for now its in my jewelry drawer unused.


Not as expected

12/26/2013 by Mary Jo

I was hoping that this would keep some of my winter sweaters together in the front but, the magnet is not strong enough to hold through two layers of knit material. I tried it on a couple of different items which are not all that thick and it kept falling off.


Not strong enough

11/24/2013 by angela

As much as I needed and loved the idea of this clever product,I have to say the magnets were not powerful to hold together through even a thin cotton knit.I now have only one button as the other has fallen off.



11/21/2013 by Barbara

I loved the pearl Magnabutton I ordered. But....the first time I wore it to hold a thin shawl closed, it fell off and I lost one of the buttons. Grommet gave me a $9.00 offer replace the lost half.


Not very pretty

11/18/2013 by Rae

The magnet idea is good but there is nothing pretty abut the button itself. I hope change it with paint or fingernail polish for a better finish.
I didn't know you could make such an ugly button!


Not like the picture

11/9/2013 by Linda

I was more than a little disappointed, the gold one looked very shiny in the picture. When I got it the gold was really dull, not shiny at all. It was going to be a gift but it was so dull looking I decided not to gift it.



11/8/2013 by robin

Great idea and like the gold button I bought a lot. I wish you had the silver advertised previously that is just like the gold style...instead of the new "antique silver" style.



11/5/2013 by Valerie

It was just okay. Disappointed in the gold color, not was I was expecting.

Strong magnets but you do have to think about your garment thickness.

I would not recommend this to anyone.

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The MagneButton Story

MagneButton - Magnet Closure Accessory

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Multiple layers of fabric are no match for MagneButton, a clever problem-solver that lets you style and fasten your clothes without damaging them. If you have a scarf that won’t stay put, a cardigan that keeps opening up, or a plain hat in need of some flair, the double-sided MagneButton is the perfect no-holes solution.

The creator, shop owner Christy Grierson, came up with the idea after listening to her customers complain about cardigans without closures. What they needed was a safety pin—but who wants to ruin a great look with a safety pin? Christy started tinkering with heavy-duty magnets
and adding embellishments to make them more fashionable. Her designs were an instant hit, ranging from classic, subtle patterns to more expressive, bold prints.

Christy’s simple yet hardworking accessory can help you pull your outfit together. . . literally.
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