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2/13/2019 by Mike

Love them


Wonderful Little Device

2/13/2019 by Carol

This very powerful and pretty little magnet is the perfect way to secure scarves, warps and drape-front sweaters. I plan to order more in the other available colors/styles. Great small gift for someone!


A good investment!

2/13/2019 by Lee

I love these decorative magnetic closures. I bought two pair for my mother in law to replace the safety pins that she often uses on her sweaters and jackets. She was intrigued by the invention and especially likes the pearl ones. I also bought myself a black pair. I wear lots of buttonless/zipper less cardigans. These work perfect for them when I want to hold the front sides together! Thank you!


Super for scarfs

2/13/2019 by Tammy

Lately I've been making a lot of scarfs. This is so great to keep it on and leaves no holes or pulls in your belongings.


It works just fine

2/11/2019 by anne

As advertised. Looks happy with both the silver and the gold!


It's great!

2/7/2019 by Carolyn

It works just as described - I got a black one as well, and they solve a problem I've had for quite a while. Thank you for carrying it!


Love it!

2/5/2019 by Sarah J

Works great...third it on variety of thicknesses and always works. Very attractive and useful accessory.


great to complete your outfit

2/4/2019 by Julie

I love having the option of closing my sweater. Even if it is to cover ill fitting slacks. Just wonderful.


Love it!

2/2/2019 by Joelle

Works beautifully!! I have already used a few times!


Great Gold Grommet

2/1/2019 by Kathleen

This magnet button works very well through several thick layers of cloth
(Embroidered shawl plus fleece shirt).
Note that you cannot separate the two-magnet layers and combine each with another design magnetic button and expect to then have a matching top layer on either side of a lapel. To get a matching effect, you must buy two pairs of the same design.

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The MagneButton Story

MagneButton - Magnet Closure Accessory

Get It Together

Multiple layers of fabric are no match for MagneButton, a clever problem-solver that lets you style and fasten your clothes without damaging them. If you have a scarf that won’t stay put, a cardigan that keeps opening up, or a plain hat in need of some flair, the double-sided MagneButton is the perfect no-holes solution.

The creator, shop owner Christy Grierson, came up with the idea after listening to her customers complain about cardigans without closures. What they needed was a safety pin—but who wants to ruin a great look with a safety pin? Christy started tinkering with heavy-duty magnets
and adding embellishments to make them more fashionable. Her designs were an instant hit, ranging from classic, subtle patterns to more expressive, bold prints.

Christy’s simple yet hardworking accessory can help you pull your outfit together. . . literally.
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