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pretty and handy

5/5/2020 by kathrine

Very strong magnet. It holds the folds of a dress or scarf in very well.


Very strong magnet

5/4/2020 by Alice

Absolutely love this product.



5/4/2020 by Jane

These are the best magnet closures I have come across, and I think I have three different sets now. They're attractive, they are effective, and they are STRONG. Love them for scarfs or just whenever I need a bit of closure.


Beautiful & Functional

4/4/2020 by Frances

I love the magnetic closure accessory. No more pins, broaches or trying to figure out how to keep scarves and other clothing to stay in place. The magnetic is powerful! This is a great fashion accessory.



3/22/2020 by Carol

I use this to attach my raincoat hood to my rain hat, so that if there's a wind with the rain, the hood doesn't blow off. Works great and decorative, too.


Magnet solves the problem!

3/15/2020 by Lynn

The magnet is strong enough to go through my shirt, or a jacket. Works well!


Awesome product

2/24/2020 by Nancy

Ordered one to try, then went back for another. Performs as stated.... my scarf stayed attached in wind. Pretty enough to accessorize your wardrobe. Love them. Price is a little high, until you use them. Nice to have something that performs as intended.


Great Product

2/10/2020 by Linda

I was going to use these for closing the gaps on some of my blouses and I ended up using them on my drapes to keep the panels together in the middle. I have three panels; one on each side of the window and one in the middle. Before they just hung loosely. Look much better now.


Love it!

2/10/2020 by Carol

Really really strong magnet so be careful if you have health conditions that require that you not wear a magnet close to you. These work perfectly. Held thick scarfs in place all day.


This is awesome idea and pretty!

2/7/2020 by Amerks

Love this idea! Great solution to holding sweater or scarf closed. Looks like a beautiful brooch. I’ve given as gifts and they’ve been appreciated and used a lot.

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The MagneButton Story

MagneButton - Magnet Closure Accessory

Get It Together

Multiple layers of fabric are no match for MagneButton, a clever problem-solver that lets you style and fasten your clothes without damaging them. If you have a scarf that won’t stay put, a cardigan that keeps opening up, or a plain hat in need of some flair, the double-sided MagneButton is the perfect no-holes solution.

The creator, shop owner Christy Grierson, came up with the idea after listening to her customers complain about cardigans without closures. What they needed was a safety pin—but who wants to ruin a great look with a safety pin? Christy started tinkering with heavy-duty magnets
and adding embellishments to make them more fashionable. Her designs were an instant hit, ranging from classic, subtle patterns to more expressive, bold prints.

Christy’s simple yet hardworking accessory can help you pull your outfit together. . . literally.
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