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12/30/2018 by Adelina

I think that the MagneButtons that I ordered for Christmas, were a great gift, but I was disappointed, because when I received my order, the pearls had come unglued and since I needed them right away, I glued them on myself. To me the price of them seems a little high for the quality. I hope that the other two MagneButtons I gave as gifts, don’t come apart as well.


Fell off on the second day of use

11/27/2018 by Carolyn

I loved my button but it didn't last. It fell off my sweater on the second day. What a huge waste of money.


great concept

2/17/2017 by Kathi

I was so excited to receive these magnetic button closures and the first time I wore them they fell off and I lost one half of the set. Now I have a decorative magnet that I can't use. :(


A little disappointed

2/16/2017 by Cindy

Although I love the look,it has fallen off several times. Even with very light wieght fabrics. I have been using it as an accent piece on my collars because I am so afraid of loosing it. It would be great if you could secure it in someway.


Magnet got unglued

2/13/2017 by Nadia

Wonderful concept except the glue did not hold and button magnets fell apart and got lost.


It fell apart..

9/13/2016 by rebecca

I loved this item for the first year I owned it. A few weeks ago it fell apart..The top part broke into two pieces and now it's useless. I tried gluing it back together but that did not work.
Sorry but I cannot recommend this product


Doesn't hold that well

1/3/2016 by Liz

If you move ie: the scarf moves, so does the button. Very easy to pop off.



12/3/2015 by KAREN




11/24/2015 by florida

Magnets too weak to attract... each other... even without anything in between them



11/19/2015 by Mary

I am very disappointed with this product. The magnet closures were shown to be very sturdy, even closing a few pieces of fabric. I tried them again today. I have a sweater. Two pieces of fabric and they do not stay in place. They drop off, I am forever having to adjust, and they are not magnetized enough to adhere thru two pieces of fabric. I would not purchase again. I think they would work for two pieces of very thin fabric such as silk. But, on any fabric, with any body of any sort, they do not work.

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The MagneButton Story

MagneButton - Magnet Closure Accessory

Get It Together

Multiple layers of fabric are no match for MagneButton, a clever problem-solver that lets you style and fasten your clothes without damaging them. If you have a scarf that won’t stay put, a cardigan that keeps opening up, or a plain hat in need of some flair, the double-sided MagneButton is the perfect no-holes solution.

The creator, shop owner Christy Grierson, came up with the idea after listening to her customers complain about cardigans without closures. What they needed was a safety pin—but who wants to ruin a great look with a safety pin? Christy started tinkering with heavy-duty magnets
and adding embellishments to make them more fashionable. Her designs were an instant hit, ranging from classic, subtle patterns to more expressive, bold prints.

Christy’s simple yet hardworking accessory can help you pull your outfit together. . . literally.
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