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Not Recommended

11/17/2015 by Patricia

I bought this for the specific purpose of holding cardigans closed. Nothing too thick and nothing too tight. Time and time again I found the magnets still together, just on one side of the cardigan instead of holding the two edges together. It was disappoint that the product didn't better serve it's intended and advertised purpose. That said, it's very beautiful, jut not effective.


Pretty but magnets could be stronger

10/22/2015 by Sue

The magnets are not actually as strong as claimed. the pieces fall off of both very thin and moderately thick fabrics when in an active location (like mid torso). They look good and are great for scarf area and other low movement areas. I wanted it off closure of scarf vests and it falls short....price is high for what you get.



2/3/2015 by Charlene

Although the magnets seem to be very strong, I bought them for a particular sweater and they aren't keeping the sweater closed unless I use them too far into the sweater. I give them a two rating in hopes I can use them on thinner items.


Not good on cardigans

1/27/2015 by Sarah

It's pretty.
Unfortunately, if you want to wear it to close a cardigan, it tends to come apart a little too easily.
I had to keep checking to make sure it is still there since it came off when I got out of the car, held my child, etc. Probably a better choice for the scarf.
Also, mine was defective and the magnets were stuck together after only using it 3 times.


Great idea...but

1/16/2015 by Patricia

Opened the packaging up, separated the MagnaButtons and the button cover came off one of the magnets. Not happy I will have to glue to make the product functional. Seriously?


Great idea but poor execution

12/24/2014 by Lynne

Loved the look and function of the product. Bought 3 (2 gifts and one for myself). First time I wore my MagneButton, the magnet fell out of its decorative shell. You could see that the glue on the back of the magnet was not strong enough to keep it inside the shell. When pulling the 2 pieces apart (each is comprised of a magnet glued into a decorative shell) the magnet on one side pulled the magnet on the other side right out. Too much trouble to return, so I got some glue, specifically for metal-on-metal and we'll see if that holds.



11/26/2014 by Denise

I thought that these would be 4 separate pieces; one the decorative magnet piece, the other would be another magnet holding the button from the underside. Instead you have a decorative in front as well as in back. I don't want the rhinestones against my skin first off, and I only have 1 button, when I need 2 to hold my large scarf in the places I had in mind. For the price and for what I got, I am definitely disappointed.


only wore once

11/22/2014 by Anell

Looks good, heavy in weight, but lost it the first time I wore it. Very disappointed.


Great but fragile

11/19/2014 by Miranti

It looks great but it is so fragile. The magnet broke after it fell on the floor one time.


Works great but do not look expensive at all

11/11/2014 by glenda

I ordered the Pearl low domes and have used them once to hold a wool scarf in place at my neck. I took them out and placed them and they held my scarf in place all evening. When I went to put them back in the box I actually looked at them and noted the face of both sides have blemishes that make them look cheap. I don't know if they came that way or I somehow managed to scratch and dent both sides in one quiet evening of eating out. Wish I could attach a picture as quite disappointed. I would suggest if you purchase that it be the all metal ones which might be more sturdy and more expensive looking.

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The MagneButton Story

MagneButton - Magnet Closure Accessory

Get It Together

Multiple layers of fabric are no match for MagneButton, a clever problem-solver that lets you style and fasten your clothes without damaging them. If you have a scarf that won’t stay put, a cardigan that keeps opening up, or a plain hat in need of some flair, the double-sided MagneButton is the perfect no-holes solution.

The creator, shop owner Christy Grierson, came up with the idea after listening to her customers complain about cardigans without closures. What they needed was a safety pin—but who wants to ruin a great look with a safety pin? Christy started tinkering with heavy-duty magnets
and adding embellishments to make them more fashionable. Her designs were an instant hit, ranging from classic, subtle patterns to more expressive, bold prints.

Christy’s simple yet hardworking accessory can help you pull your outfit together. . . literally.
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