Pearl Low-Domes Case of 12

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magnet fell out

12/18/2014 by Sophie

Dropped one side and magnet fell out. Considering that it's quite likely that this item will get dropped on the floor, it's really bad design not to have the magnet well secured to the decorative part. I don't even see how it was held in there in the first place--no glue that I can see.


Not really

12/4/2014 by Maricel

Strong enough to,hold through FIVE LAYERS of thin cotton??!! The magnets might stay there if you don't move. I tried this on a relatively thin unlined jacket to close more snugly about an inch or so. Then I put on my coat. WhenI took my coat off the magnets slid to on side of my jacket. This may work well to anchor pashmina type shawls. The picture shown is interesting because a part of the magnets are probably touching directly, creating a stronger hold aided by stretchy material. "Preserving clothes" from what exactly?


Wouldn't recommend

11/21/2014 by Barbara

I loved the idea. I even purchased two. Unfortunately, the button fell off several times and the last time I lost one of the pieces. I used it to hold a low neckline closed. I sincerely doubt it would hold five layers or heavier fabric.



5/9/2014 by Peg

'clipped to my fabric purse lost one of them the first time I used it


Poor Quality

4/5/2014 by Dawn

Poor quality finish on the metal that is peeling off the back. The magnet is not strong enough to keep each side from flying off if you adjust what you have it on. Can't wear it as the description intends it to be worn. Would not recommend.


I was so excited to have magnetic buttons for a sweater that I made.

3/12/2014 by June

I was so excited to have magnetic buttons for a sweater that I made. The magnetic buttons do not hold on this sweater. They keep falling off although the magnets do seem pretty strong.


Poor design

3/12/2014 by Lynne

Too heavy and magnet not strong enough.

Great idea that needs more work


Magnets don't stay together.

12/26/2013 by Kathleen

I thought this was a GREAT idea and ordered one for myself and two more for presents. So disappointed. The magnets work on scarves as long as you don't move around too much. They don't work at all on clothes. I wanted to use them to hold the front of a buttonless sweater together. The magnets move and eventually fall off.


One out of five stars!

12/26/2013 by Pat

Great idea, but the magnets are not very strong. I purchased magnetic eyeglass holders that attach to your clothing (seen on Shark Tank) and the magnets on that item are so much stronger.


Not worth it

12/26/2013 by Helen

The magnet came apart with barely a tug. Didn't cost much. But it wasn't even worth what I paid.

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