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Marie's Original Formulas

All-Natural Herbal Soap Case of 24

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The Marie's Original Formulas Story

Your itchy skin might like this soap.

Natural Itch Relief

This all-natural itch relief soap is Made in the USA. It was conceived by a seasoned medicinal herbalist to help soothe rashes and irritation.

One important ingredient is Bentonite clay, which can bind itself to and draw out oils like those from poison ivy—so they get washed off with the soap. There are also generous amounts of sassafras root bark, which has a naturally-occurring antihistamine that can help soothe the uncomfortable symptoms associated with eczema and psoriasis.

To maximize the all-natural ingredients’ power, some are steeped and aged. And the soap is super smooth on one side
and grainer on the other, offering some very benign exfoliating as well as cleansing.

If you’re using the soap preemptively, leave it on for five minutes then rinse. But if you’re treating an already-developed irritation, you can actually lather and leave it to dry without rinsing.
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