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Do your teeth need an oil change?

Oil Better

Get in on the coconut oil pulling trend with Masigi’s perfectly-portioned packages.

“What is oil pulling?” you might ask. For the uninitiated, it’s an ancient oral care practice of swishing with coconut oil and “pulling” it between your teeth. It can remove toxins, whiten teeth, strengthen the jaws, and even clear sinuses.

You could scoop solid coconut oil out of a jar, then put it in your mouth to liquefy. Or you could use the tidier, more precise packets from Masigi. Their single-serve tubes have a perfect portion of coconut oil, with added organic essential oil to enhance the flavor. Before
you open the package, warm the oil between your palms to make it liquid.

As for the science behind oil pulling, it’s simple. The microorganisms living in your mouth are covered in a fatty membrane. When another fat (i.e., the coconut oil) touches them, they stick together. Swish moderately for 10 to 20 minutes to sweep up those toxins, then spit the oil out. It’s important to remember that while coconut oil benefits you, it won’t benefit your home’s plumbing. Always dispose of the oil in a trashcan, not the toilet or sink.
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