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2/13/2019 by Melissa

Husband loves it especially whilst smoking a turkey. He gets alerts on his phone when temps are lowering.



2/13/2019 by janice

I gave this as a gift to my son and he loves it


Huge hit!

2/13/2019 by Amy

My husband swears this is the only ‘gadget’ I’ve ever bought him (and there have been many) that actually works! He loves it!


Excellent product

12/7/2018 by Marianne

This is such a great meat thermometer that we are now buying it as gifts for family and friends. The ability to use it without being tethered to the grill is awesome. The phone app is easy to use and fun. It is very accurate. My husband was thrilled that he could use this on the grill with a rotisserie chicken.


Great oven thermometer!

10/20/2018 by Anna

The Meater works wonderfully in the oven. The grill takes a little more practice, though.
If you use the hood on your gas grill, you need to lower the temperature and cook longer, or the temp will rise too high for the Meater. We are happy with how it works and use it often.


Awesome dual temp wonder

10/3/2018 by Chrisropher

Technical marvel! Perfect meat every time and helps with understanding temp that the grill is at! Awesome tool and highly recommended!


Very pleased

9/7/2018 by William

Only used once so far but very pleased with the result


The BEST meat thermometer ever!

8/1/2018 by Nancy

I am confidently cooking steaks on the stove top and in the oven. The steaks are perfect every time. I love the Meater and I tell everyone.


Works great!

7/25/2018 by Sandra

I have used several different styles of thermometer over the years and the Meater is really amazing. The Bluetooth connection with my Amazon Fire was easy to establish and was stable in the range I needed. It was really accurate an it was fun to watch the cooking progress. The chicken was better than usual because it wasn't over cooked!



7/9/2018 by joanne

This product can make a grill-master out of anyone. It is easy, easy, easy. The App takes seconds to install and it is understandable and friendly. Anyone (I mean anyone) can be successful. To know the "real' ambient temperature of your grill -- the grill thermometer is WRONG and to watch the internal temp of your meat rise, with estimations to finish time..brings a confidence I never experienced before.

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The MEATER Story

Are the steaks ready? Check your phone.

Grill Guide

MEATER is a smart meat thermometer that takes the guesswork out of getting just-right doneness when you’re grilling and roasting meat. It works in tandem with an app to ensure perfectly tasty results, every time.

The wireless stainless steel probe reads meat’s temperature and the ambient temperature in a grill or oven. The app keeps things simple and is easy to use. Choose what you’re cooking (like steak or chicken) and it will send alerts, estimated cooking times, and warnings to your phone. It’s a great tool if you’re a beginner cook or a distracted host who doesn’t want to be chained to the
grill or stuck in the kitchen.

The idea to create a more connected (but freeing) way to stay on top of what you’re cooking was sparked by co-founders Joseph and Teh-Moo at a barbecue—of course. We like how they kept the technology simple so anyone can use MEATER to get great results.
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