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Midnight Scoop

Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop Case of 24

Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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7/9/2019 by Michael J

This is the best scoop I ever used. It is well designed and well made you will never find a better scoop.


Forever scoop

6/26/2019 by Claire

The only scoop you'll ever need. The only negative is that it's heavy. If you have a problem using heavy items. Don't buy this scoop.


A little pricey, but works well

1/22/2019 by Suzanne

Using a forward motion this is easier to use than the traditional models It is certainly substantial


Well designed

10/20/2018 by Larry

Fits the hand so well. Uses the palm of the hand for more pressure without hurting your wrist.


Well Made

10/2/2018 by Mary

This works great in oblong containers. However, if you have a round container, not as good. It is very well made and ergonomic.


Beautiful but...

8/19/2018 by Deb

I never thought I would call an ice cream scoop beautiful but this one definitely is. The packaging makes it a superb gift for all ice cream aficionados. Unfortunately, I did not find the scoop to function any better than an old-fashioned utensil. Since it is such a beautiful scoop I will be giving this item as a gift to my ice cream loving friends.


Not bad

7/27/2018 by Valerie

I was expecting this ice cream scoop to be fantastic. I was a little disappointed. I don’t think it is worth what I paid. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s actually OK but it doesn’t glide through ice cream like a lot of reviews said it did. I think I should have gotten something a little less costly.


Nice design and balance

7/25/2018 by Abigail

Because we get pints 95% of the time, I haven’t been able to test the scoop in quart sized containers. It is too big for its design advantages to be put to use scooping out of pint containers.


Nice design

7/25/2018 by JR

I don’t think it necessarily scoops better than my other ice cream scoop but it certainly is lovely with a satisfying heft and a classy look to it. I do enjoy using it and would consider giving it as a gift.


Power Scooper

5/15/2018 by TJ

This baby gives you leverage against the hardest frozen ice cream you my confront. Push with all your might. It cuts as deep into the container as you want.

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The Midnight Scoop Story

Midnight Scoop | Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop

Smooth Scoop

Aerospace engineer Michael Chou designed a space-grade, ergonomic ice cream scoop that lets you enjoy ice cream right out of the freezer—without straining your wrist.

Midnight Scoop, appropriately, looks a little futuristic, with a curved handle and tapered scooper that glides right through that pint of Strawberry or Double Fudge Cookie Dough. Behind Michael’s design are some smart physics—letting you use your arm muscles, which are way more up to the treat-scooping task, than your less-sturdy wrist muscles.

Michael’s a-ha moment came to him during one of his many sessions serving up ice cream
for his kids. He realized that, in order to protect his wrists, he had been pushing into the ice cream while keeping his wrists straight.

Crafted from aerospace-caliber stainless steel, Midnight Scoop is Made for a Lifetime, too. Which means as long there’s ice cream, you’ll have a comfortable, reliable way to scoop it.
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