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Midnight Scoop

Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop Case of 24

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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It really does make scouping easier!

9/6/2017 by Julie

I was a little skeptical but it really helped. And it should last a lifetime or more! Bravo!


Works as Advertised

9/4/2017 by Linda Talen

My husband loves ice cream but always had a hard time getting the ice cream out of the container. Not any more. He doesn't have to wait for the ice cream to get soft or bend my spoons trying to get the ice cream out. It would have gotten a perfect "5" if it had been made in the United States rather than China.


Well designed

8/24/2017 by William

Very well designed and easy to use. Definitely makes dealing with hard ice cream easier. A bit on the pricey side, but very high quality and clearly will last forever.



8/23/2017 by Lee

Ingeniously functional


Just recently got it,

4/22/2018 by Karen

Just recently got it so haven’t used it heavily, but so far so good. One spot on it is darkened so hope that’s not an unfinished are that will begin to rust or in some way affect the safety or use of it.


Pretty but not comfortable to use for us

4/8/2018 by Kimberly

I bought this for my mom since it says ergonomic. My mom could not use the scoop at all. I figured it was her arthritis, but i tried it and found it harder to use than the standard ice cream scoop at the grocery store. It is pretty and well made but for ergonomic, we both found it hard to use and uncomfortable. I keep it for the final scooper when the others are in the washer, but it is just not comfortable for us to use. I gave it three stars for its beauty not for its' functionality.


Nice heavy scoop

8/29/2017 by Richard

A good scoop.


This is not as good as listed.

6/27/2019 by Jo

I was really excited about this ice cream scoop, but after receiving it not so much. As a female, I found that I needed much more strength to use it. I put it back in the box.


Not as good as I expected

2/13/2019 by Loretta

I wouldn't say you can take the ice cream from the freezer and scoop. I still have to have it sit on the counter and get soft


Too heavy.

7/26/2018 by Ashley

Not as shiny as the picture shows. But does one need a glistening ice cream scoop? Nah. I found it to be heavy and slippery. It currently resides in the kitchen drawer. We rarely use it bc of its weight and slick feeling.

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The Midnight Scoop Story

Midnight Scoop | Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop

Smooth Scoop

Aerospace engineer Michael Chou designed a space-grade, ergonomic ice cream scoop that lets you enjoy ice cream right out of the freezer—without straining your wrist.

Midnight Scoop, appropriately, looks a little futuristic, with a curved handle and tapered scooper that glides right through that pint of Strawberry or Double Fudge Cookie Dough. Behind Michael’s design are some smart physics—letting you use your arm muscles, which are way more up to the treat-scooping task, than your less-sturdy wrist muscles.

Michael’s a-ha moment came to him during one of his many sessions serving up ice cream
for his kids. He realized that, in order to protect his wrists, he had been pushing into the ice cream while keeping his wrists straight.

Crafted from aerospace-caliber stainless steel, Midnight Scoop is Made for a Lifetime, too. Which means as long there’s ice cream, you’ll have a comfortable, reliable way to scoop it.
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