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Awful ice cream scoop.

8/11/2020 by Mike

Paint coating chips off and falls into whatever your scooping, haven't even put it in the dishwasher.


I wanted this to be great, but I don't like it

3/8/2019 by Kimberly

I honestly do not understand how this scooper is ergonomic as it is one of the only scoopers that hurts my wrist to use. I find it very hard, if not impossible, to get a scoop out using this ice cream scoop. I honestly expected it to be far superior to the $3.99 scoopers from the grocery store, but it was a major disappointment. I am sorry to leave such a negative review, but for me, this is the truth.


Gave it a try

10/15/2018 by Al

It simply did not perform as advertised....especially on a less than full container where it couldn't be held horizontal.


Let Down

8/11/2018 by J KENT

This was touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread!
NOT so HOT!!


Doesn’t work

7/27/2018 by S Lynette

I’ve tried this on hard ice cream and my wrist hurts. It doesn’t do what they said it would do. I’m going to return it.



9/20/2017 by George

A thirty dollar ice cream scooper? C'mon!

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The Midnight Scoop Story

Midnight Scoop | Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop

Smooth Scoop

Aerospace engineer Michael Chou designed a space-grade, ergonomic ice cream scoop that lets you enjoy ice cream right out of the freezer—without straining your wrist.

Midnight Scoop, appropriately, looks a little futuristic, with a curved handle and tapered scooper that glides right through that pint of Strawberry or Double Fudge Cookie Dough. Behind Michael’s design are some smart physics—letting you use your arm muscles, which are way more up to the treat-scooping task, than your less-sturdy wrist muscles.

Michael’s a-ha moment came to him during one of his many sessions serving up ice cream
for his kids. He realized that, in order to protect his wrists, he had been pushing into the ice cream while keeping his wrists straight.

Crafted from aerospace-caliber stainless steel, Midnight Scoop is Made for a Lifetime, too. Which means as long there’s ice cream, you’ll have a comfortable, reliable way to scoop it.
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