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Best ice cream scoop ever!

7/1/2020 by Richard

I have spent years looking for an ice cream scoop that was actually worth buying, they all seem to have one shortcoming or another. My quest is over. I have finally found the scoop that combines elegant design with superb function. I can scoop even hard frozen ice cream with relative ease despite not being built like an NFL lineman. What a joy to use! Buy this, you will not be disappointed.


Beautiful functionality

7/1/2020 by Norma Jean

This ice cream scoop is so pretty and it has such a nice feel to it. It's solid and substantial, and it allows for easy scooping. For me it works much better than the scoop with antifreeze in the handle, and it is much more attractive. So far, I have bought 5 scoops as I think they make a nice gift as well. I never thought I would say an ice cream scoop is pretty



5/16/2020 by John

Best ice cream scoop we’ve ever had! My wife loves hers.



5/5/2020 by Elaine

Works as well as stated


Perfect for ice cream! Nice weight, too

5/4/2020 by Julie

Love The Grommet


Simply Delicious!

1/4/2020 by Diane

Absolutely THE BEST scoop we have Ever owned. We are disposing of the pitted, broken, and rusted scoops We have collected over the past 32 years. If I could send you a picture I would. But this scoop is GENIUS!!



1/4/2020 by Loretta

This ice cream scoop is incredible and is worth every penny. I was hesitant to spend 35 dollars on a scoop but as I get older my hands get weaker and this scoop is a game changer. The quality is even better than I imagined and it will be the last scoop you will ever have to purchase. Every now and then a product comes along that exceeds expectations and this one is definitely one of them


The Best

1/3/2020 by Margie

I was skeptical as I have tried other scoops but this one is absolutely the best ! I am going to buy this for several friends and relatives!


Best by Far

1/2/2020 by Alice

I had bought one about 2 years ago for our lake house. So it was time to treat myself for City home. It is every thing the advertise. I have pain in my right hand and wrist due to a fall about 5 years ago. This scoop lets me dish out ice cream with no discomfort. Love it. Down side. It makes it to easy to get a dish of ice cream in the evening.


Just Stunning

12/28/2019 by Nancy

I bought this for my husband because he always uses my everyday spoons! They don't bend but he gets ice cream all over his hands and then on the freezer door! This is THE most impressive looking utensil you will ever see and it is boxed beautifully. I don't eat ice cream but I was psyched to use it and it is super effective and easy to use. I would just like to leave it out, it is so beautiful! Maybe no more ice cream on my freezer handles.

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The Midnight Scoop Story

Midnight Scoop | Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop

Smooth Scoop

Aerospace engineer Michael Chou designed a space-grade, ergonomic ice cream scoop that lets you enjoy ice cream right out of the freezer—without straining your wrist.

Midnight Scoop, appropriately, looks a little futuristic, with a curved handle and tapered scooper that glides right through that pint of Strawberry or Double Fudge Cookie Dough. Behind Michael’s design are some smart physics—letting you use your arm muscles, which are way more up to the treat-scooping task, than your less-sturdy wrist muscles.

Michael’s a-ha moment came to him during one of his many sessions serving up ice cream
for his kids. He realized that, in order to protect his wrists, he had been pushing into the ice cream while keeping his wrists straight.

Crafted from aerospace-caliber stainless steel, Midnight Scoop is Made for a Lifetime, too. Which means as long there’s ice cream, you’ll have a comfortable, reliable way to scoop it.
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