Binocular Strap and Wrap

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Great product

6/26/2019 by Lewis

My wife uses it all the time


I'll never use anything else!

4/18/2018 by Jim

I have had this holder for a few years and absolutely love it. I feel confident throwing my camera into a backpack or day pack and don't need any extra camera bag; the camera stays well-protected. I also like using the strap to keep the camera easily accessible while on hikes, sight-seeing, etc. Just swing it up and you are ready to go. Highly recommend!!


Fantastic camera strap!

4/8/2017 by Carl

Have used this strap extensively. Good padded wrap of camera when in a back pack or bag. Great strap will having the camera ready for shots and easy to use camera while attached to strap. Have passed this strap along to my wife and have purchased a miggo weather protective bag set up for my use. Great products from an innovative company.


For camera-philes

1/15/2017 by Jacqueline

Gave this to my brother as a gift, he was very pleased. It seems to really address a need among wannabe photographers who struggle with finding convenient ways to cart around their gear


My Second one!

7/5/2016 by Jack Shea

I have two cameras, an Olympus which ha my first Miggo on it and Just got a Nikon, a bit fancier, and so I got another Miggo for that camera. I hate carrying a camera bag and sorting through lens and stuff. I want to be ready for my shot and plan my picture taking day on a trip or a cruise and having my camera ready to go and ready to shoot from the hip, so to speak!


Protect your Camera

3/18/2016 by Cathy

It took me a while to figure out how to wrap the camera inside the holder; once I did, I was very pleased with the protection it offered. I like that I don't have to carry my camera bag and accessories around to shoot and my camera is snuggled and protected.


Simply love this thing!

1/1/2016 by Jack

Over the years I have bought several different cameras to get the pictures I wanted and hate carrying the bag of parts! For this years cruise I got the miggo and my camera became handy, always available at a moments notice to take those special photos!

It was always right at my right hand and the strap held it in place and the supple fabric never got in the way. Great for taking pictures while hanging a bit out of an open trolly to get photos while we went. It was amazing and made my trip most pleasurable by it's convenience. As I said,"I simply love this thing!"



12/31/2015 by Susie Smith

It was a Christmas present and my daughter loved it.


Very nice

12/13/2015 by Donna

I can say that this was an awesome purchase, very happy with the quality and function. I would recommend this product to friends and family


Superior Product !!

6/30/2015 by Leslie

I ordered this strap when my husband and I decided that carrying our bulky camera back on our trip to Europe would be painful. We commented several times to each other during 13 days abroad how wonderful this strap is. It was nice that we didnt have to worry about our expensive camera breaking while it was in our carry on bag. This strap is MUCH MORE comfortable than the neck strap that came with the camera when we purchased it. It stayed securely attached to the camera and allowed us to have two free hands if necessary. It is a product that we would recommend to everyone....we feel it is a GREAT value for the price.

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The miggo Story

miggo - Protective Camera Strap

Shoot & Wrap

Carry and protect your camera—and leave the bulky camera bag at home—with miggo.

An exciting new idea in camera carriers, miggo is both a camera strap and a padded camera case. Keep your camera around your wrist or neck while shooting, and simply wrap it up in your miggo when you’re done. The durable neoprene and lycra fabric provides cushioning to keep your camera protected.

This camera strap and cover makes a great gift for the amateur photographer or traveler in your life. miggo fits small to mid-sized DSLRs and comes in two different styles. The Strap & Wrap is worn around your neck or
across your body, while the Grip & Wrap has a convenient handle to keep your camera comfortably in your hand. You don’t need to take it off when attaching a tripod, and there’s even a hidden pocket for your lens cap.

miggo Founders Yuval Kemp, Ohad Cohen, and Guy Sprukt worked in the camera industry for years, and knew there had to be an easier way to protect and carry your camera simultaneously. After months of research and development, miggo was born—your camera’s best amigo.
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