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It works!

11/1/2020 by Dianne

Used this for several years now. I won’t be without it. It absolutely works for my calf cramps



7/20/2020 by Blanca

I love it. It soothes ur cramps quickly.



6/17/2020 by Steve

I think it's an excellent product. I'm going to order more when I finish this review. I'll try the spray as well.



5/4/2020 by K

Has helped tremendously with body aches, rather than a pill. I keep at least 3-6 containers on hand. Wish I could buy a larger container. We get the gel. A couple haven't had a inside lid on them.



12/5/2019 by Patricia

I have started to use this rub and it seems to be working. I will continue to use it and hope it works better than others I've tried.


Great stuff!!

10/20/2019 by Rudy

I use it on my lower back before playing golf. Really makes a difference throughout my round....and afterwards. Am into my 2nd bottle and will buy more. This stuff works!



8/18/2019 by Kris

I was skeptical when I ordered this product, but soon changed my mind. It actually works! Not only does it work, it works instantly! I will definitely be ordering again.



8/10/2019 by Karen

This is the only thing I have found that really works!!
I would highly recommend it for anyone that has night time leg cramps,



7/28/2019 by Jeffrey

Helps especially when my wife wakes up in the night with restless legs.

Good product. 5/5


It really works!

7/6/2019 by Laura

Have had back problems for years. Finally down to the point where my back just aches when I'm on my feet too long. Tried it yesterday, and my back didn't hurt all day and going into the next. It's wonderful. Use the cream. Know I'll keep using it! thanks!

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The Mindful Mixtures Story

1 ingredient that can pummel muscle cramps.

Sore Muscle Relief

For muscle pain relief, we prescribe Mindful Mixtures. Three female relatives (a dietitian, personal trainer, and aromatherapist) teamed up to make a cramp-stopping, magnesium-based formula in the USA.

Magnesium, we’ve learned, is indispensable for your health. It counteracts the calcium buildup that leads to muscle cramping and helps your muscles absorb the potassium that they need to function. It’s also key to the production of ATP, our cells’ main source of energy.

The most efficient way of getting a mineral like magnesium to your body is through the skin. In fact, that’s what inspired the
family. When one of the Makers was struck by a sharp leg cramp, she quickly sprayed deodorant (with magnesium) on it and the cramp was gone.

That’s why Mindful Mixtures comes in a gel and a spray that are easy to apply over tense areas. Their formula combines magnesium, Himalayan salt to relax the muscles, Wintergreen to help relieve pain, and some other natural ingredients.

Whether you’re cramped from a marathon or sore from sleeping the wrong way, this magnesium mixture can help stop the discomfort on contact.
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