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Not much for $22.00!

1/8/2019 by John

When I received this tiny jar, I was definitely surprised at how small it is! This was ordered as a gift for a friend who is a semi-professional tennis player; I hope the strength of the contents are better that the amount. Buyer beware!



12/18/2018 by Betty

I did not realize that it would have such a smell. I can only use it if I am not around other people since it smells like old BenGay


Not good

5/16/2018 by Pat

Did not work at all


Not impressed

5/15/2018 by Joyce

It merely smells like a typical rub that I would use for sore muscles and joints, but after using it 2 weeks, it does positively nothing to relieve pain. Not worth the price and I probably should return it. Just another feeble attempt by someone to take your money.


Not impressed

2/25/2018 by Ernest H.

I have used the product twice and it does not seem to speed up the relief of the cramp in my right calf and shin. Not likely to re-order.

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The Mindful Mixtures Story

1 ingredient that can pummel muscle cramps.

Sore Muscle Relief

For muscle pain relief, we prescribe Mindful Mixtures. Three female relatives (a dietitian, personal trainer, and aromatherapist) teamed up to make a cramp-stopping, magnesium-based formula in the USA.

Magnesium, we’ve learned, is indispensable for your health. It counteracts the calcium buildup that leads to muscle cramping and helps your muscles absorb the potassium that they need to function. It’s also key to the production of ATP, our cells’ main source of energy.

The most efficient way of getting a mineral like magnesium to your body is through the skin. In fact, that’s what inspired the
family. When one of the Makers was struck by a sharp leg cramp, she quickly sprayed deodorant (with magnesium) on it and the cramp was gone.

That’s why Mindful Mixtures comes in a gel and a spray that are easy to apply over tense areas. Their formula combines magnesium, Himalayan salt to relax the muscles, Wintergreen to help relieve pain, and some other natural ingredients.

Whether you’re cramped from a marathon or sore from sleeping the wrong way, this magnesium mixture can help stop the discomfort on contact.
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