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It works!

6/27/2019 by Kristina

Sounded too good to be true but my youngest daughter was having calf & thigh cramps (which is why I ordered this) and I massaged it in & right away she said, “It’s better!”

Leg cramps used to wake her up & I would have to massage them on & off all night long because they never went away. She is very active in gymnastics & trampoline & ballet so has always suffered Charlie horses.

Both of my daughters hate the smelly deep heat rubs which I used to use.

My older daughter is a cheerleader & is very physically fit & always has sore muscles
When I opened the Magnesium gel I thought this smells like all the other rubs & will definitely leave a smell, but... it didn’t!
It disappears once you rub it in, I promise!

Great product! Thanks!


It works!

5/24/2019 by Susan

This works almost immediately to relieve charley horses caused by my keto diet and arthritis. I have the jar rather than the spray.


Really Works!!!

4/4/2019 by Amy

I suffer from leg & foot cramps every night. The 1st time I applied this product before bed time, I slept through the night without any cramps! The magnesium goes directly to the area. I will be a repeat buyer.



2/28/2019 by Donna

Started using the gel and what relief. Really helps and I love that it has no scent since I have asthma. Great product!


so far so good

2/18/2019 by raymond

my muscles were sore, i put some on, they stopped being sore much quicker than if i hadn't put some on.


Wonderful relief!

2/15/2019 by Jeri

Bought this for my mother. Potassium pills from Rx didn’t help. Nor did many of the nasty tasting home remedies shared by friends. She normally gets up 5x per night with leg cramps. She applied “Charlie” before going to bed, and slept through the night. Happy mom!!!!


Got the gel in the jar

2/13/2019 by Jamie

I have arthritis (who doesn't when they get older and live in a cold climate like Michigan in the winter). I use the gel often and it does give me temporary relief.


Great Product!

1/11/2019 by Richard

This is a wonderful product. I will be ordering two more jars of the gel today. I had surgery last year on my legs, and since then, I occasionally get cramps in my legs during the night. When it happens, I have a jar handy, and apply it to the affected area. Pleasant sleep the rest of the night. It works!!


The Best...Ever.

1/6/2019 by Annie

My family and friends use this product as needed, and there's nothing to compare with it. Highly recommended.


Works great

12/21/2018 by Jon

I was amazed how well this has worked for me. Love the lack of ordor.

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The Mindful Mixtures Story

1 ingredient that can pummel muscle cramps.

Sore Muscle Relief

For muscle pain relief, we prescribe Mindful Mixtures. Three female relatives (a dietitian, personal trainer, and aromatherapist) teamed up to make a cramp-stopping, magnesium-based formula in the USA.

Magnesium, we’ve learned, is indispensable for your health. It counteracts the calcium buildup that leads to muscle cramping and helps your muscles absorb the potassium that they need to function. It’s also key to the production of ATP, our cells’ main source of energy.

The most efficient way of getting a mineral like magnesium to your body is through the skin. In fact, that’s what inspired the
family. When one of the Makers was struck by a sharp leg cramp, she quickly sprayed deodorant (with magnesium) on it and the cramp was gone.

That’s why Mindful Mixtures comes in a gel and a spray that are easy to apply over tense areas. Their formula combines magnesium, Himalayan salt to relax the muscles, Wintergreen to help relieve pain, and some other natural ingredients.

Whether you’re cramped from a marathon or sore from sleeping the wrong way, this magnesium mixture can help stop the discomfort on contact.
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