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It didn't work on me-but everyone's different

5/24/2019 by Donna

I've been in chronic pain so I thought I would give this a try. Unfortunately it didn't work for me at all. I gave it 3 stars because it may work on others. When you get the bottle, it's capped and you have to unscrew it and put on the spray attachment. The spray attachment will not work unless you cut off the plastic uptake straw to the desired length.



2/13/2019 by Wilderness1022

Not bad not off-the-charts either


Leg cramps

2/13/2019 by Judith

Not too sure if this is what I expected. Sprayed it on calves while in cramping mode but did not perform as anticipated. Will try again though.


Can’t get beyond the smell

10/30/2018 by Tonie

I’m s big believer, and user of magnesium to help with many aches and pains. ( think Epsom salts) but I did not notice a remarkable difference with this product. True I may not have given it a fair chance because the smell Is so strong it is not my first choice for pain relief.
Some nights the pain in my neck and shoulders keeps me from sleep, but when I’ve used this product it is too close to my nose and eyes for me to get comfortable. Usually I do get to sleep, but even my partner has remarked on the smell as bothersome when trying to dose off.


Relieved leg cramps...but

9/26/2018 by April

As soon as I opened the jar, I knew this might not be my remedy. The overwhelming wintergreen odor was an assault. I'm awakened by leg cramps on a regular basis and the promise of instant relief was very alluring. The odor takes long enough to dissipate that I have difficulty getting back to sleep. If you love the wintergreen smell, as many do, I would jump this to 5 stars. For me, it smells awful. I will use it because it works, but it reminds me of my mother's distasteful "medicine" (no, you don't eat it).


Not as quick

6/2/2018 by Kathy

Not as quick to help as I had hoped.



2/26/2018 by Joan

It's no miracle tonic. Doesn't do much to relieve cramps. Still have to "walk it off". Coulda spent money better elsewhere.


Product really works but delivery system doesn’t

12/23/2019 by Karen

This product works great, but the sprayer bottle really doesn’t work. So, I wind up pouring it into my hand to rub onto my cramped muscle which wastes a ton of it and makes a mess. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


Not very effective

2/19/2019 by Michael

This product is not as effective as I thought it would be. Found a better product at the pharmacy. Nor worth the money.


Not very effective

12/13/2018 by Martha

I have been been disappointed in the results with this cream. I have other magnesium sprays and I have been very happy with them from a different site. This is pretty disappointing and can not really see any real evidence that this is helping.

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The Mindful Mixtures Story

1 ingredient that can pummel muscle cramps.

Sore Muscle Relief

For muscle pain relief, we prescribe Mindful Mixtures. Three female relatives (a dietitian, personal trainer, and aromatherapist) teamed up to make a cramp-stopping, magnesium-based formula in the USA.

Magnesium, we’ve learned, is indispensable for your health. It counteracts the calcium buildup that leads to muscle cramping and helps your muscles absorb the potassium that they need to function. It’s also key to the production of ATP, our cells’ main source of energy.

The most efficient way of getting a mineral like magnesium to your body is through the skin. In fact, that’s what inspired the
family. When one of the Makers was struck by a sharp leg cramp, she quickly sprayed deodorant (with magnesium) on it and the cramp was gone.

That’s why Mindful Mixtures comes in a gel and a spray that are easy to apply over tense areas. Their formula combines magnesium, Himalayan salt to relax the muscles, Wintergreen to help relieve pain, and some other natural ingredients.

Whether you’re cramped from a marathon or sore from sleeping the wrong way, this magnesium mixture can help stop the discomfort on contact.
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