Mini Firefighter

Fire Extinguishing Foam With Free Display Case of 24

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10/21/2020 by Virginia

Have had this sitting by in case of fires on the stove. Recently, buttered rolls heating in the oven caught fire-this product worked like a charm to douse the fire and was not difficult to clean up! Thank you-A++++++



4/21/2020 by Gail

Thank goodness I've never had to use them but had ordered several for house and cars. Like that it's compact for storage in cars and convenient for kitchen.



2/23/2020 by Frances

I reordered extinguishers for a friend after I told her about using mine to put out a fire in the kitchen. It was out before the fire truck got here!


Emergency help

8/25/2019 by Susan

A scary cooking incident inspired this purchase. A small cooking fire erupted in my pan one evening, and a pot lid extinguished that, but caused me concern that one day that might not be enough. Now, armed with both this little extinguisher and a pot lid, I am ready for the possibility of another event that I pray never comes!


It works - I put out a little fire with it!

2/14/2019 by Kathryn

I'm SO glad I had this when we recently had a little stovetop fire. It put it out quickly without a lot of mess. I'm glad I can use the canister again. I keep two on hand in case the first runs out.



2/13/2019 by Kim

Thank goodness haven’t used yet but like the size. Great for my car!


Great Gsift

12/25/2018 by Lori

I have ordered these items as gifts and they have been well received. One of my friends has limited space and this mini fire fighter takes little space. They are compact and easy to use. I even kept one for myself.


great looking

10/28/2018 by Robert

these fire extinguishers are great and the size makes it easy to keep in your car in case you need it. haven't had to use it yet but gives you peace of mind knowing its there if you do. would recommend to all my friends



7/26/2018 by Roxy

Practical, economical and a great gift.


Comes in a set of two

7/25/2018 by Wendy

I had a problem with a cap and they replaced it immediately!!! Excellent customer service, Great product!,,

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The Mini Firefighter Story

Mini Firefighter | Fire Extinguishing Foam

Reusable Extinguisher

Having this home fire extinguisher on hand makes putting out a fire easy and straightforward. The size makes it easy to store, too.

Mini Firefighter is an eco-friendly extinguisher that operates like a can of hairspray. Push the nozzle and its foam expands up to 40 times its size around the fire, contracting to prevent re-ignition. Once it cools, the foam transforms into a gel you can wipe off.

The nontoxic formula biodegrades, too, making it perfect for the great outdoors. Pack one on a camping trip or keep one handy in the glove box of your car or boat.

Unlike traditional extinguishers, this
foam smothers electrical, solid, fat, or petroleum-based fires. And you can use it more than once, too (so long as there are still contents left in the can). It’s a conveniently-sized, easy-to-use solution you can carry with you and spray without a second thought. Read More Read Less